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International Students: Funding Your Education

International students entering the United States to study abroad at Anderson University on an F1 visa are required to show proof of financial support in order to be able to be issued an I-20. This is because while on an F1 visa international students are not eligible to work legally off campus while on a F1 visa and therefore need to have adequate funding to prove they can afford up to one year of funding for their education in the USA. Many students on an F1 visa have their parents or family members assist to support them with their educational journey. Below is a list of funding sources for you to consider.

Funding Sources: Institutional Aid

Anderson University for Undergraduates and Transfer Student Scholarships – All undergraduate international applicants, whether freshman or transfers are eligible for scholarships to attend. Students who submit an ACT or SAT score may be eligible for additional scholarships. Transfer students with a qualifying GPA may be eligible for one of three transfer merit scholarship levels. Your admission counselor can assist you with the scholarship and admission process. Unfortunately, Anderson University does not award any academic scholarships for graduate school.

Funding Sources: Personal Resources

Parents and Extended Family in Home Country – Most international students receive some form of support from their parents or extended family. Remember that you can have more than one sponsor when financial documentation is required. However, all sponsors must complete a sponsorship form promising to support you while you study in the USA. They also need to show proof of their financial support in the form of bank statements, investments, and liquid assets. 

Relatives/Friends in the USA or a US Host Family – Many international students have friends or family in the USA who wish to help them with their room and board expense. If you have a relative or friends in the USA who want to support you, they will still be required to complete a sponsorship form and show proof of financial support even if they are supporting you for room and board only. In addition, many times it does not help your F1 visa application if they know you have close family or relations in the USA. It is better to show strong family support in your home country when you apply for your F1 visa at the US Embassy. 

Funding Sources: Private Loans

Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund – OAS (Organization of American States) – OAS offers low interest loans to eligible international students from countries who are members from the Caribbean, Central and South American region. To see if your country is listed, please contact the Rowe Foundation for additional information.

Leo S Rowe Fund

Private Student Loans with a Co-signer – Most international student loans require a co-signer who is a US citizen or permanent resident of the Untied States. This way, if you do not repay the loan, the co-signer is responsible to make payment and its impact’s their credit score. Anderson University’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships can direct you to the options available.

International Student Private Loans


Funding Sources: Outside Grants and Scholarships

Institute for International Education (IIE) – IIE has a portal to help international students research funding for their studies. 

Institute for International Education

Education USA – If you are researching additional scholarships for your education in the USA, you should contact your local Education USA office in your home country. They can assist you with your application and additional scholarships that might be available to you. Each country has a unique Education USA office who understands your educational system and additional scholarships you might be eligible for. Education USA is sponsored by the US Department of State and all advisement is free to international students.

Education USA

Abroad Planet – This organization has a listing of scholarships for a broad range of majors designed for international students.

Abroad Planet Information

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund – The PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for selected international women for graduate study in the USA and Canada. The students must promise to return to their countries within 60-days of completion of their degree to pursue their professional career.

P.E.O. Scholarship Information

We are here to assist you! For additional information and assistance applying please contact:

Undergraduate International Student Applicants:
Mr. Lucas Moore

Graduate International Student Applicants:
Mrs. Chesley Tench

International Student Services – Current Students:
Center for Global Engagement
Mr. Jordan E. Anderson

Universities and International Recruitment Partners:
Center for Global Engagement 
Mrs. Ann Margaret Themistocleous, M.Ed., PDSO