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Meet The Team

Undergraduate - On Campus
William Monts headshot
William Monts

Associate Vice President
Dean of Admission
864.231.5661 | Email

Baxter Morgan headshot
Baxter Morgan

Director of Traditional Admissions
864.760.1171 | Email

Madi Carter headshot
Madi Carter

Assistant Director of Traditional Admission
College of Health Professions
864.231.2040 | Email

Sydney Black headshot
Sydney Black

Senior Admission Counselor
College of Christian Studies, College of Education, School of Interior Design
864.231.5766 | Email

Megan Knight headshot
Megan Knight

Senior Admission Counselor
South Carolina School of the Arts
864.231.5583 | Email

Tucker Black headshot
Tucker Black

Admission Counselor
College of Arts and Sciences
864.328.1762 | Email

Cooper Reynolds headshot
Cooper Reynolds

Admission Counselor
College of Engineering, Center for Cybersecurity, School of Public Service
and Administration
864.760.1145 | Email

Leigha Turner headshot
Leigha Turner

Admission Counselor
College of Business
864.231.5669 | Email

Undergraduate - Online & Hybrid
Joshua Pruitt headshot
Joshua Pruitt

Director of Post-Traditional Undergraduate Admission & Advising
864.231.5673 | Email

Erin Fisher headshot
Erin Fisher

Assistant Director of Post-Traditional Undergraduate Admission & Advising
864.231.5747 | Email

Ronika Ferguson headshot
Ronika Ferguson

Assistant Director of Post-Traditional Undergraduate Admission
864.231.5747 | Email

Kaci Chapman headshot
Kaci Chapman

Enrollment Counselor
864.934.0297 | Email

Deanna Burns headshot
Deanna Burns

Executive Director of Graduate Enrollment
864.437.0738 | Email

Ben Brammer headshot
Ben Brammer

Director of Graduate Recruitment and Strategic Partnerships
864.231.5510 | Email

Marissa Gilbert headshot
Marissa Gilbert

Director of Graduate Events and Communication
864.231.5510 | Email

Chelsey Tench headshot
Chesley Tench

Associate Director of Graduate Admission & Advising
864.231.5763 | Email

Jenni Knowles headshot
Jenni Knowles

Associate Enrollment Counselor & Academic Success Advisor
864.231.5639 | Email

Gracie Hudson headshot
Gracie Hudson

Advising & Enrollment Specialist
864.231.5764 | Email

Rachel Edens headshot
Rachel Edens

Academic Success Advisor
864.824.9486 | Email

Melissa Ripley headshot
Melissa Ripley

Academic Success Advisor
864.617.2899 | Email

Kelsey Sollish headshot
Kelsey Sollish

Enrollment Counselor
864.231.5657 | Email

Laurie Thompson headshot
Laurie Thompson

Senior Academic Success Advisor
864.622.6093 | Email

Paula Williams headshot
Paula Williams

Associate Academic Success Advisor
864.231.5636 | Email

Operations & Events
Rylie Thompson headshot
Rylie Thompson

Admission Communication Specialist

Callie Stayanoff headshot
Callie Tallman Stayanoff

Director of Enrollment Strategy & Development

Latt Anthony headshot
Latt Anthony

Director of Graduate Communication & Slate Development
864.231.5668 | Email

William Bell headshot purple
William Bell

Associate Director of
Admission Operations
864.231.5631 | Email

Lydiaruth Thompson headshot
Lydiaruth Thompson

Office Manager
864.328.1835 | Email

Abbey Gropp headshot
Abbey Gropp

Transfer Articulation Specialist

Paige McCluskey headshot
Paige McCluskey

Director of Visits & Events
864.231.5780 | Email

Ceci Wooten headshot
Ceci Wooten

Assistant Director of Guest Relations
864.231.5780 | Email

Hannah Earley headshot
Hannah Earley

Data Entry Specialist

Candee McCurry headshot
Candee McCurry

Data Entry Specialist

Christina Hollingsworth headshot
Christina Hollingsworth

Data Entry Specialist