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School of Public Service & Administration

We're called to serve

It’s the study of crime and criminal behavior. It’s also the study of police departments, prison systems, criminal law, and the courts. Anderson University, through our School of Public Service and Administration, is committed to educating today’s law enforcement officers, private investigators, federal agents and leaders, as well as prospective law students with an interest in criminal law. Recognizing the importance of coordinated emergency responses in a post-911 and post-Hurricane Katrina country, we also offer programs in emergency management.

Our Degree Programs

Our programs include a Bachelor of Criminal Justice with concentrations in Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness and Law Enforcement and a Bachelor of Emergency Management Services with concentrations in Homeland Security Operations and Administration, and Whole Community Emergency Management. The School of Public Service and Administration, through its Command College of South Carolina, also offers a Master of Criminal Justice, which prepares law enforcement administrators.

Our bachelor ‘s degree programs prepare graduates for careers in local, state, and federal law enforcement, corrections, private investigation, emergency response and management, security, government, and other related fields. A degree in criminal justice also is a great major for prospective law school students. Earning a Master of Criminal Justice through the Command College of South Carolina prepares criminal justice professionals and managers for executive-level positions in criminal justice agencies.

Our Professors

From serving as a district attorney for 20 years to representing the highest level of achievement in the military, law enforcement, and emergency management, our professors have the academic and practical backgrounds to prepare you for extraordinary careers in criminal justice. Their professional reputations will help you obtain invaluable internships and connect you with high-performing veterans in the field.

dr.clarence j williamson

"I believe the Command College and its focus on developing leaders in the criminal justice and policing professions is critical."

Find Your Degree

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Undergraduate - Campus

Serving others is more than a career path. It’s a calling. And we take your commitment to service seriously. Our programs in criminal justice, homeland security, and emergency management will train you to make the world a better place.  

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Undergraduate - Online

Our online programs in criminal justice, homeland security, and emergency management do not sacrifice quality for convenience. You’ll experience the same top-notch education and our commitment to your professional future in service to your community.

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Graduate Programs

Already serving your community and want to further your education? You shouldn’t worry how you’ll manage in the line of duty or the classroom. Our convenient, affordable graduate programs will get you back in the field quickly–with new skills and opportunities. 

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