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Department of History & Political Science

In the Department of History & Political Science, you can study the human experience not only in the past, but in the present, while being prepared to change the future. History students can study a wide range of topics in American, European, and global history. Students in political science can focus on American politics, international relations, and/or comparative politics. Through either major, you’ll develop the skills in communications, research, and analysis to succeed in today’s global marketplace.


Majoring in History or Political Science will give you the background for careers in the following fields/professions:

  • Government administration
  • Elected office
  • Management
  • Law
  • Media and communications
  • Teaching
  • Government liaison
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Criminal justice
  • Business


If you’re considering law school, participate in the Pre-Law@AU program. Through Pre-Law@AU, you can major in anything. You’ll have access to a pre-law adviser who will support you in both course selection and navigating the law school admission process. If you want to attend law school, you should take classes that emphasize the following: critical thinking and problem solving; critical reading and writing; oral communication; organization and management of information; and significant library research. In addition to these specific skills, the American Bar Association (ABA) suggests students gain a broad understanding of history; a fundamental understanding of political thought and of the contemporary US political system; basic mathematical and financial skills; a basic understanding of human behavior and social interaction; an understanding of international institutions and issues as well as diverse cultures within and beyond the United States. If you begin law school having already acquired the foundational skills that the Pre-Law@AU program offers, you’ll be well prepared for the rigorous study of law. For more information, contact Chair of Dept. of History & Political Science Roger Flynn.


Public Policy
The minor in Public Policy at Anderson University develops in students the skills necessary to assess the effectiveness of policies, examine the political and economic constraints faced by policy makers, and understand the conflicts in fundamental human values that often drive policy debates.  To accomplish this, courses in the minor provide students with a background in political science, sociology, economics, and an array of substantive policy areas.  The minor in Public Policy prepares students for careers in a wide variety of fields, such as advocacy, business, law, governmental agencies, or for further study in graduate programs or law school.

The 18-hour history minor includes nine hours of core courses and another nine hours of electives in American, European, and global histories.

Political Science
The 18-hour political science minor includes nine hours of core courses and another nine hours of electives in focus areas, such as American politics, international relations, and comparative politics.

Minors are great additions to any major. Minors allow you to gain additional knowledge to supplement your primary course of study. Having a better understanding of the past, public policy or how governments function is valuable in today’s society.

Clubs and Engaged Learning

AU’s Department of History & Political Science is home to the Liberty Cap Society – a political science- and history-based club that sponsors events and activities for its members and the school. From a presentation by the dean of a law school helping students understand how to get into law school, to activities for education, experience, and fellowship, the Liberty Cap Society helps history and political science students further their academic careers with unique experiences.

The Department of History & Political Science encourages you to find internships within your fields of interest. You can intern with a member of Congress, a state prosecutor, a legislator or a non-profit organization.

The Department of History & Political Science also participates in the Washington Center – a facility that allows students to live, work, and take courses in Washington, DC.

Almost every year, the AU semester abroad features an element of history within its scope of study. Whether the semester abroad takes students to Vietnam, Europe, or Reformation Germany, there is an element of history and political science in all study aboard trips.