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Saving Drake and Vivian

When Steve Nail and I began the SurviveHR podcast, we expected our episodes would cover Human Resources related topics.  However, this one is different- this one will cover just the

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Veteran Hiring that Works

Military Service to our country is not something to be taken lightly.  These brave men and woman sacrifice incredible amounts of themselves in the name of protecting our nation, however

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Employee Engagement is one of the most monitored and discussed human capital metrics today.  We are told that in order to be a strategic partner to the organization, we need to engage our employees.  However, what does that really mean?  We throw countless hours and dollars at the concept of employee engagement, but do we even know what we are measuring.  Have you ever seen an organization that truly has won this battle and has an engaged workforce, or are we all still fighting the battle?

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My best friend is a pediatric cardiologist who specializes in heart failure and heart transplant.   There is so much purpose in her every day and from an HR perspective, engaging her in her work should be a simple process.  She is reminded daily of the lives she is saving and the impact she is making.   Engagement should come naturally to her. However, every job is not as easy! 

How do you engage the men and women on the manufacturing line, sweating or freezing every day, breaking their backs for the company’s bottom line?  How do you make them bring their best to work every day and how to you measure the “engagement tools” to see if they are working or making a difference at all?

I don’t have all of this answers-I likely don’t have any of them.  However, every person wants to feel they add value to their organizations.  Each person wants to feel appreciated.  All people want to make a positive difference in their organization.  If organizations make their team members feel they add value, that they are appreciated and make a positive difference, no matter what role they have, they will most likely have a higher level of engagement, lower turnover rates and a higher satisfaction level.  That’s exactly why we partnered with Gallagher on this podcast to discuss some of the best practices that positively influence engagement.

 Steve Nail and I thank you for listening to SurviveHR.  We hope these blogs and podcasts make you think about Human Resources in a different way and push you to see the real possibility in the work we all do!