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Healthcare professional builds healthy relationships among, physicians, staff, and community

After obtaining her undergraduate degree from Anderson University, Courtney Wright joined the staff of Bon Secours St. Francis Health System. As she progressed in her career, Wright went back to Anderson University for her MBA, feeling that the Anderson University College of Business offered a stellar business program in a faith-based environment. Wright was selected as one of the recipients for Best and Brightest 35 and Under for Greenville Business Magazine in September 2023. She and her husband Kyle both serve on the Anderson University Alumni Board.

Tell me about your studies at Anderson University.

I did my undergrad at Anderson University majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. Then I switched gears from Biology to Business and went back for my MBA. Bon Secours has a tuition reimbursement program. Anderson University and that program aligned with the guidelines and so I was able to fulfill my dream through Bon Secours and through Anderson University. I did a hybrid program where I would go to the Greenville Tech campus one night a week to meet with AU professors and then also was able to work full time and complete some assignments online, so it was a great fit for a working mom. My husband and I have two children. They are now ages 10 and 7, two girls. I couldn’t have advanced my career without the support of my husband and flexible program offerings by Anderson University.

How did you decide on AU?

I felt it was God’s calling. As a Greenville South Carolina native and only child, I had the desire to stay closer to home. Having a university that felt like family and offered a faith-based foundation was very important to me; so, Anderson really fit the mold of what I was looking for. Anderson University felt like “home away from home!” 

What were some of the ways you got involved in campus life?

I was involved in the Anderson University Dance team from 2006-2010. I enjoyed going to basketball games and wrestling matches and helping support my peers through activities with sports. That was a great plug-in for me, as part of the Dance Team. 2009-2010 Dance Team Captain! 

What have been some of your favorite things about being an Anderson University student?

One of my favorite things about being an AU student is the life-long camaraderie. I remember Biology was a tough major. My classmates—we’d all have study groups together. The professors really wanted to see you succeed. I especially remember Dr. Ivankovic (Dr. I)…she’s a staple for Anderson University. 

Even through the MBA program, it was evident that everyone wanted to see you succeed and really wanted to help you understand the material and how it could connect to building your future after graduation. All the professors were approachable and invested… I found that very valuable.

Let’s talk about your career at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System.

I am coming up on my 12-year service anniversary in January of 2024. Bon Secours has been a fabulous place for me to learn and grow. I started out in the microbiology lab at Bon Secours and after a few years I wanted to see more of the hospital and feel more connected with patients and staff. That is when I explored the business-side of healthcare and zoned in on the MBA program. After graduating with my master’s degree, I transitioned to Infection Prevention. Right before the pandemic hit, I had been recruited to transfer to risk management. During COVID, I was not solely acting as a risk manager. During that time frame we all wore multiple hats and chipped in wherever necessary. I obtained a certification in risk management and have been part of risk management for over four years, advancing to Risk Director in 2022. 

Tell me about your job in Risk Management.

Risk Management supports Bon Secours’ mission, vision, and values in the provision of safe and reliable care. The intended outcome of an effective Risk Management program in healthcare is to protect patients, visitors, staff, and the organization. We are, I like to say, a “phone a friend” department! When the unexpected occurs or when challenging situations arise in healthcare, risk professionals are really your best friends at work. We offer support to clinical and functional service lines and help navigate unforeseen scenarios. We have a little bit of the scope of litigation, whereas I am not an attorney but I aid in discovery and work closely with counsel on respectful claims management resolutions. 

I say risk management is about relationships—relationships with our physicians, relationships with our staff and relationships with our community. I personally enjoy volunteering for Meals on Wheels and different types of campaigns to give back to the beautiful community we serve.  My role varies day to day depending on different situations, but the main constant is to help those in need. Just remember, risk professionals are your “phone a friend!”

How has AU helped you in your profession?

Working at Bon Secours, it’s a faith-based ministry and healthcare system, and I felt that it really aligned with Anderson University with the vision and values and mission. I love working for an organization where we start our meetings with reflection and prayer. I felt comfortable in my faith and living that each day or talking about it while at Anderson and in my professional career. 

At the end of the day, is there anything that gives you a sense of accomplishment?

I really like to see the success in others or the ability for others to thrive, and I think I can see that through the service of delivering meals to our homebound neighbors through Meals on Wheels. We have 24 dedicated associates that go out into the community twice a month to deliver meals. I too participate on that delivery rotation. 

I’ve had the pleasure of serving as our Chair of Personnel Committee and Children’s Sunday School teacher at my home church. I love giving back to the community through active service and education. I would really say just seeing how a little positive inspiration can make someone’s day.

Is there something that for you is particularly rewarding about working in healthcare?

Our goal is to discharge patients in a better state than when they arrived, whether that means spiritually or physically. We have Chaplains that round on patients, families, and our staff… to offer comfort through conversation or prayer. No matter one’s beliefs or wishes, we offer to walk alongside our patients and their families through times of praise and unforeseen difficult times. It is meaningful to positively impact someone’s life and to just be that friend.

What would you tell people is the best thing about coming to Anderson University?

I’ve gone to Anderson and have graduated twice, but I am considering coming back a third time to obtain a Ph.D. in Leadership. Anderson is just doing something right. I just keep coming back! 

What advice would you give someone who is considering a healthcare administration career?

My advice would be to create short-term and long-term goals and celebrate all your achievements to keep the excitement and passion going in your career, and then it will never feel like “work”.

One of my Bible verses I always go back to is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” And so, if I can share that message with someone else, whether it be someone in high school or someone who’s already established in their career and just wants to make a change. You really can do anything you put your mind to! 

Wright Courtney
Courtney Wright
Graduated from Anderson University: 2010, 2016
Degree: Bachelor of Biology/Chemistry, Master of Business Administration
Title: Director Risk Management, Bon Secours St. Francis Health System Risk & Insurance Services, Greenville, South Carolina