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Alumni Association Board of Directors

Greetings from the Board of Directors

Dear fellow Anderson University alumni,

On behalf of the Anderson University Alumni Association’s Board of Directors, I want to extend a welcome to you. We are excited about all the great things occurring at our alma mater and hope that you will remain engaged with the University as we look forward to even greater days to come.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is here to serve as a liaison between our alumni and the University and to foster and promote the continued relationship between the two long after our student days have passed. 

Among our goals, we always seek to:

  • Increase attendance at alumni events and class reunions.
  • Support efforts to increase alumni participation through the work of the Development Office
  • Inspire continued interest in Anderson among young alumni.
  • Honor the accomplishments of our alumni.

As your board, we will strive to serve the interests of alumni from all classes and majors. Always feel free to reach out to any member of the board, and we will do our best to represent you.

Long live Anderson!

AJ Fakoornejad, 2010
Anderson University Alumni Association Board of Directors

AJ Fakoornejad
dr jeremy pickens
President: AJ Fakoornejad
Class of 2010
Vice President: Jeremy Pickens
Class of 2014
AJ Fakoornejad
President: AJ Fakoornejad
Class of 2010
dr jeremy pickens
Vice President: Jeremy Pickens
Class of 2014

Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Alumni Association Board of Directors consists of alumni from the various decades. Its mission is to foster the relationship between the University and its alumni, to promote the advancement of Anderson University and its alumni, and to promote the purpose of Anderson University as a Christian liberal arts institution.

Abbas J. Fakoornejad, 2010, President

Jeremy M. Pickens, 2014, Vice President

Patrick Griffey, 2011, Past President

Caleb Allen, 2020

Selynto R. Anderson, 2004

Lauren M. Babcock, 2019

Jared C. Back, 2021

Kevin L. Belt, 1989

Garrett M. Bernardo, 2015

Nicholas P. Bernardo, 2016

Scott N. Cline, 1994

Brooke B. Cole, 2017

Lora R. Corley, 2022

Amber S. Crisp, 2003

Jennifer L. Dimond, 2002

David I. Dixon, 2011

Riley Dixon, 2021

Adria M. Earwood, 2011

Thomas J. Estes, 2013

Donald E. Fetner, Jr., 2003

Portia S. Franklin, 1964

TJ Galloway, 2020

Thomas M. Gantt, 1984

Candace G. Griffey, 2011

Tommy I. Harrell, 1989

Tyler C. Hoover, 2019

Harry J. Johnson, 1975

Mikah Jones, 2006

Philip J. Kalchthaler, Jr., 2003

Elizabeth E. Lies, 2013

James E. Lies, III, 2013

Hollins D. Martinez, 2011

Luis Martinez, II, 2010

David S. Merritt, Jr., 1980

Kathryn R. Middleton, 1963

Bryan C. Morse, 2009

Laneika K. Musalini, 2006

Carla D. Newton, 1983

Bryce Nivens, 2020

Andrew B. O’Brien, 2010

Caleb J. Owen, 2005

David B. Pickens, 2021

Tracy S. Robinson, 1989

Kevin J. Simmons, 1995

Jack R. Smith, 2007

Shea Smith-Gray, 1993

Alyssa Stephens, 2010

Cheryl M. Street, 1969

Andrea B. Sturgell, 2009

Joshua M. Taylor, 2014

Lauren H. Taylor, 2008

Betty Jo N. Thompson, 1964

Will T. Walls, 2014

Brian P. Whitley, 1989

Graham D. Whitley, 2012

Kelly Anne A. Whitley, 1989

Elledge N. Willis, 2017

Lauren R. Willis, 2017

Tracy G. Willis, 1986

Meg G. Wilson, 2000

Nicholas A. Wooton, 2018

Courtney S. Wright, 2010

Kyle P. Wright, 2011

Latoya M. Young, 1998

Michael A. Young, 1998

Michael A. Zequeira, 2011