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Workshop Topics

Workshop Topics May Include:

Guidance Counselor Workshop

All Together Different: The Diverse World of Christian Higher Education

Christian colleges have recently received national media attention as the fastest growing segment of colleges and universities. Learn why there is renewed interest in the nation’s faith-based colleges. What are these colleges and what do they do? Are they all alike? How should a Christian counselor advise students who are—or should be—considering a Christian college?

Essentials of College Counseling

Are you feeling the pull between the “urgent” and the “important”? How do we manage this and how do we best choose to spend our time and talent? What are the basic elements of a college counseling program at a Christian high school? This nuts-and-bolts session presents essential components to build a counseling program — whether your school has a full-time college counselor or one who counsels during a planning period! Together we’ll explore the privileges and challenges of this vocation, examining the “urgent” items which often consume our time, and give attention to the “important” items which truly are essential.

College Athletics and the High School Student-Athlete

Discuss some key factors to keep in the forefront to advise the student-athletes and their parents. This session digs deeper and takes a look at NCAA and NAIA requirements as well as some guidelines for what the student-athlete needs to do and when.

NACCAP Story & the National Christian College Fair

What is the North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals (NACCAP)? What benefits does it offer Christian high school counselors? Hear about this unique organization and the more than 100 National Christian College Fairs (NCCF) sponsored annually by NACCAP. Learn from veteran counselors and college fair coordinators how a NACCAP Christian college fair transformed their guidance program and impacted their community.