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Anderson University’s Dr. James Noble Addresses SBC Pastors’ Conference

Dr. James Noble at SBC
Anderson University Vice President for Diversity, Community and Inclusion Dr. James Noble, was a speaker at the SBC Pastors’ Conference June 10 in Indianapolis.

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Anderson University Vice President for Diversity, Community and Inclusion Dr. James Noble, addressed the Southern Baptist Church Pastors’ Conference June 10 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

Dr. Noble, who is also pastor of Kingdom Community Church in Anderson, South Carolina, urged his audience to “Be Faithful or Be Forgotten” as he imagined a modern day letter from the Apostle John to the contemporary church. Dr. Noble warned that the church must not be conformed to the culture but to the Bible. He urged pastors to be faithful in preaching God’s Word, to pursue holiness in their congregations and to work toward multiethnic churches that reflect the diversity of Heaven.  

“You have gone a long, long way in material advances, but America, I am wondering as I look at you from a distance whether you have gone as far in the spiritual realm,” Dr. Noble said. “The church was made for the world, but when the world gets into the church, we have a dangerous situation. I hear that right has become wrong, and wrong has become right. Do not give in to the evil pressures of your day… Don’t quit. Don’t lighten up. Don’t shut up. Don’t back up until we’re all caught up to meet the Lord in the air.” 

Dr. Noble joined other pastors from across the nation at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. 

You can watch the entire sermon at the Baptist Press YouTube channel.  

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