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Anderson University is excited to welcome its students back to campus for the 2020-2021 academic year and is making every effort to keep the campus community healthy and safe in the Journey Ahead. 

Most Anderson University students will begin arriving on campus on Wednesday, August 12, with the first day of on-campus classes beginning Wednesday, August 19. 

Traditional move-in will take place over six days, with the first three days dedicated to new students and the last three days dedicated to returning students. Two additional days will be reserved for student leaders who are assisting with the move-in process or who otherwise are approved for an early arrival.

Based on guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, DHEC, and the Anderson University COVID-19 Task Force, our team has developed the following move in procedures.

Important Requirements for All Students and Guests

  • Only 2 guests per student are allowed to assist you with move-in.
  • Students and all guests must wear a face covering at all times while inside a University building, including residence halls.
  • Students and all guests must wear a face covering outside when you are unable to physically distance from others.
  • All students and guests must complete the COVID-19 Screening before they will be allowed to enter a university building. During the COVID-19 screening you will be asked to complete and sign the attached health form. We ask that you review the form before coming to campus to move-in. If you are unable to answer “no” to any question on the form, please contact the Residence Life Office to discuss your next steps.
  • Please note that if you cannot pass the COVID-19 Screening process you will not be allowed to move any belongings in to your residence hall.

Move-In Process

When you and your guests first arrive on campus, please drive directly to the Athletic Campus (433 Williamston Road) and enter through gate 3, located on Williamston Road. Once you enter the gate please make the first right turn and follow the staff member’s instructions to form two car lines. Once in line you will proceed through the following check points.

  • Student Information

    • Please have your Student ID ready. When you arrive at this station you will present your ID to the staff member. If you don’t have your ID, that is okay, we can look it up for you.
  • Temperature Check

    • At this station, you and your guest(s) will have your temperature checked with a non-touch infrared thermometer by a trained staff member.
    • If you or your guest(s) do not pass the initial non-touch temperature check, you will be asked to park and a staff member will come and administer an oral temperature check. If you or your guest(s) do not pass the oral temperature check, a member of our team will come and discuss the next steps with you.
    • If you pass the temperature check, yay! Each member of your party will be given a COVID-19 Screening form to complete in the car and then turn in at the next station.
  • COVID-19 Screening & Student Holds

    • At this station you and your guest(s) will submit your COVID-19 screening form. A staff member will accept your form and confirm you’re good to go.
    • If you do not pass the COVID-19 screening, you will be asked to park, and a member of our team will come and discuss the next steps with you.
    • If you have a hold on your student account (typically an unpaid balance), you will be asked to park and directed to the Anderson Central/Financial Aid Office at the Athletic Campus. Please be sure to check your Trojan Trek status before you arrive to clear any holds.
    • If you and your guest(s) pass the COVID-19 Screening you will each be given a paper wristband to wear signifying to our team that you have been cleared to enter a building.
  • Keys

    • At this station, you will receive your room keys!
  • Car Hangers/Maps

    • At this station you and your guest(s) will be a given a tag to hang from your rear-view mirror. This tag should remain on your mirror until you have finished unloading your car and have moved to a long-term parking spot.
    • You will be asked at this station if you would like assistance from our student volunteers with moving your belongings in.
    • You will also be given a map of campus at this station. This map will clearly mark where our residence halls are located, our short-term/unloading parking zones, and our long-term parking zones.

Once you receive your keys and car hanger, you are good to go to your residence hall and begin moving in your belongings!

*All students and guests must proceed through the drive-thru check-in before entering a University building.

We ask that as soon as you finish moving items from your car to your room that you move your vehicle to a long-term parking lot.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Residence Life Office by phone at 864-622-6011 or by email at

The Journey Ahead is just getting started.

The Journey Ahead, Anderson University’s “stronger together” approach to reopening campus, is being developed by the COVID-19 Task Force and its working groups. Its protocols are based on the recommendation of public health experts and rely heavily on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC). 

Additional protocols are currently being developed, and this site is updated regularly. Please visit AU | Journey Ahead often for the latest information and guidelines, which are subject to change.