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As a student in the Anderson University School of Physical Therapy, you will be learning in cutting-edge facilities across two campuses.

Some of your first semester courses will take place on the Anderson campus, which is home to the Center for Medical Simulations and a state-of-the-art cadaver lab. There, you will take courses that provide an overview of human movement systems through anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.

Afterwards, the balance of your studies will take place at University Center Greenville. This unique, multi-purpose facility has dedicated lab and office space for the School of Physical Therapy.

Anderson Campus

Rooms at the Center for Medical Simulations are arranged and equipped to give you the feel of a working hospital. The center features more than a dozen human simulators. You will have the opportunity to work with interactive, human-scale replicas of patients, from newborns to adults, which are able to simulate a variety of conditions.

The center also features a medical-school-quality cadaver lab where you will have the opportunity to learn from prosected human cadavers.


The Anderson University School of Physical Therapy at the University Center Greenville has three teaching and research labs furnished with new physical therapy equipment. In addition, you’ll have access to two examination rooms and a procedure room that are shared with AU’s nursing program.

One teaching lab is equipped with electric hi-lo treatment tables that are used to teach physical examination and manual therapy techniques, implement therapeutic exercise techniques, and administer biophysical agents.

The second lab is equipped with mat tables, standard treatment plinths, and parallel bars. This lab is used to teach functional skills such as bed mobility, wheelchair transfers, ambulation training, as well as development assessment and pediatric interventions.

Both teaching labs are available to students whenever the University Center Greenville is open.

You’ll also have access to a dedicated facility used by faculty and students to conduct clinical research. It is equipped with a rehabilitation treadmill and body weight support system, balance assessment and training devices, exercise testing equipment, portable bone scanner and diagnostic ultrasound, Delsys wireless electromyography unit, pressure sensing Tekscan mat, and other state-of-the-art equipment.

Additional features at the Greenville campus include a private locker room, resource library and student lounge reserved exclusively for DPT students.

The University Center Greenville was a former shopping mall and continues to be used as a community resource. As such, you’ll be able to take the learning outside the classroom and into a large, informal environment that gives you an excellent opportunity to observe walking patterns, as well as conduct health promotion events.