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Contact Us

Have a question about the College of Health Professions? Feel free to email or call any of the contacts below.

Administrative Assistant to the Dean and Program Coordinator at the School of Nursing and College of Health Professions
Kathie Davenport

Administrative Assistant for the School of Nursing Graduate Programs
Cheryl Pease

Center for Medical Simulations Simulations Coordinator
Jean Foltz

Center for Medical Simulations Cadaver Lab Coordinator
Kelli Hembree
(864) 760-1167

Dean of the College of Health Professions and Human Services Program Chair
Dr. Donald M. Peace

(864) 231-2134

Dean of the School of Nursing
Dr. Carol K. Archuleta

(864) 328-1461

Program Chair of the School of Human Performance
Dr. Vanessa Rettinger

(864) 231-2168