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College of Engineering Distinctives


Engineering is a professional practice. What students need to learn in order to be effective engineers in today’s workplace are:

  • Strong engineering fundamentals
  • A capacity for creative problem solving and innovation
  • Demonstrated abilities to work in teams
  • Clear and effective communication
  • Ethics and civility
  • A commitment to remote, on-line and continuous learning

Innovative Curriculum

Anderson University proposes an innovative engineering curriculum that embraces the following educational philosophical elements:

  • Comply with the core AU Gold liberal arts tradition of debate
  • Establish entrepreneurship/entrepreneurism as a central thread throughout the delivery of engineering content
  • Use inverted classes with hands-on engineering experiences in the first year
  • Use flipped classrooms that emphasize independent learning and group problem solving, much like the real world
  • A required internship
  • a commitment to remote, on-line and continuous learning


Graduates will be prepared for placement in local engineering-intensive industry. Internship placement is expected to emphasize and impart skills training and not just serve as a long company interview. Industry partners must therefore have an approved skills training plan for each intern.