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Anderson Central can transfer delinquent tuition debts of students no longer enrolled at Anderson to Collections. Learn more about the collections process, how to make payments, and how to prevent your account balance from being turned over to an outside collection agency.


When your student account is placed with a collection agency, you will no longer have the ability to make payments directly to Anderson University.

Penalties for Nonpayment

As the result of nonpayment, the following penalties will occur:

  • You will not be able to register for classes
  • You will not be able to order transcripts
  • You cannot re-enroll at the university
  • You cannot receive your diploma
  • If arrangements are not made to pay us directly, your account will go to an outside collection agency

Payment Plans and Repayment Options

If you can't pay your debt in full, please talk to someone about your repayment options. You can call, email or stop by our office in person. We are located in Suite 153 on the lower level of the Student Center.

Phone: 864-231-2070 



If you have a Collections hold and your account has not yet been turned over to a collection agency, payment may be made in office with cash, check, cashier's check or money order or online within the Enterprise Student Portal via  Workday under View All Apps and  Finances. You may also mail your payment to:

Anderson University
Attn: Anderson Central
316 Boulevard 
Anderson, SC 29621

Placement with a Collection Agency

If your account has been placed with an outside collection agency, you will receive a notification from the collection agency. All future contact about your account should be made directly to that agency.

Delinquent Debts are turned over to the ConServe Collection Agency after 90 days. If you have an outstanding balance that has been turned over to the ConServe collection agency, please contact a debt counselor at Conserve to make payment arrangements. 

Phone: (800)724-4439