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Journey Ahead Update: Residence Life Information

August 4, 2020
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Residence Life is providing a new Journey Ahead update with specific details regarding the student experience at Anderson University in 2020-2021.

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We are looking forward to your arrival on campus in just a few days! But first, we wanted to draw your attention to some important information. 

This is the most up-to-date information that we have, but we encourage you to regularly check the Journey Ahead for updates prior to your arrival on campus.  If you have any questions, please contact the Residence Life Office at 864-622-6011 or by email at

Here are some important items you need to know: 

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings or masks are required inside of all campus buildings.
  • When you are outside you may remove your face covering or mask only if you are able to maintain 6-feet of distance between you and others
  • Please keep your face covering on when entering your residence hall. Once you enter your room, or suite, you may remove your face covering.

Things to Add to Your Packing List

  • Extra cleaning supplies such as disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. 
  • Thermometer. All students should take their temperature daily before leaving their room. 
  • Face Coverings. You will receive an AU branded face covering when you arrive on campus, but we recommend that you bring at least six of your own so that you will have one for each day.

Self-Quarantine and Self-Isolation Procedures

If a student gets sick or develops symptoms during the school year, we will adhere to the following procedure: 

  • A student who is sick or develops symptoms will contact Thrive Wellness Center. Thrive will determine if the student should be tested for COVID-19.
  • Prior to going for testing, students will be asked to pack a bag with items that he or she may need for the next two weeks. This will prevent a student from having to re-enter their residence hall after their appointment, should they need to self-isolate outside of their residence hall room.  
  • If Thrive staff determine a student needs a COVID-19 test, he or she may be sent to a self-isolation location to await the test results.
    • A student may opt to go home at this point, and we encourage all students to take this option if they are able. We are confident that a student will be most comfortable at home, but we understand that students who live far from campus may not be able to get home. 
    • We will have two locations on campus (one for men, one for women) for students who need to self-isolate. We have also secured a number of hotel rooms that may be used for this purpose if the houses are full, and if the student is unable to go home. An AU staff member will be assigned to care for students in quarantine and isolation. This person will be staying at the hotel with students, if needed.  
    • If the student tests positive for COVID-19, he or she should be in self-isolation at home or in one of the locations listed above.
      • Thrive Wellness staff will advise students regarding current regulations for self-isolation.
    • The student will be encouraged to notify their professors that they will be out of class and arrange for remote course work. The Center for Student Success will be available to assist the student as needed with arranging alternative instruction. 
  • The roommate of the student being tested will be contacted by a Student Development staff member to determine if he or she needs to self-quarantine and be tested. If the roommate has no symptoms, he or she will be asked to self-quarantine in their room (or at home if they choose). 
    • Thrive Wellness staff will advise students regarding current regulations for self-quarantine.
  • Please note:  This process may change as we receive updated information from the CDC and DHEC. 

Contact Tracing

If a student tests positive, our staff will communicate with all other students, faculty, and staff who have been in close contact with the COVID-positive student and assist those individuals through the appropriate testing and/or self-quarantine and self-isolation protocols. 

Common Bathrooms

Some residence halls have common bathrooms shared by all members of a residence hall floor or area.  Common bathrooms will be cleaned several times each day and resupplied as needed. Residents are asked to be mindful of the number of people in the bathroom at one time. If there is not enough space to maintain proper distance (6ft), please wait until someone exits before entering the bathroom. Please use a “shower caddy” to hold all your personal items and be sure to remove any personal items when exiting the bathroom. 

Further Instructions will be provided by your RA or RD when you arrive on campus.

Family Groups

Students who live in the same suite (or share a bathroom in suite style living areas) will be considered a “Family Group.” Students in a family group do not need a face covering while in their suite. We will also allow four members of a family group to sit together while eating inside dining areas on campus.  Students may eat with individuals outside their family group in outdoor locations with 6-foot physical distancing exercised. 


While we always encourage room cleanliness through periodic health and safety checks, this year it will be especially important for you to keep your room and bathroom clean. Health and safety checks will still happen, but they will look a little different. Instructions will be provided by your RA when you arrive on campus. 

  • All students who live in suite-style halls should develop a daily cleaning schedule for their bathroom.
  • All students should get in the habit of regularly sanitizing their personal belongings, such as your laptop, phone, and iPad. 
  • Each Residence Hall will be provided with a cleaning and disinfecting supplies which students may check-out to clean their residence hall room.

Personal Wellness

All students will be encouraged to monitor their own personal health. This can be done through daily temperature checking and monitoring for any symptoms.  If you have a temperature greater than 100.4 and/orexperience signs and/or symptoms of any illness, it is imperative that you stay in your room and contact Thrive Wellness as soon as possible. 

Regular hand washing and keeping your hands away from your face are also helpful practices for staying healthy.  


For the safety of all students living in campus housing, we have decided to temporarily suspend visitation. However, you may visit other students who live within your residence hall and the building lobbies will be available for visiting with students who do not live in your building.  


All on campus dining areas will be open, but there will be some changes as outlined below.

  • The Dining Commons and Books and Beans will have reduced seating capacity and the tables will be spread out to maintain proper distance. 
  • Because of the limited capacity in the Dining Commons, additional seating will be available in the Student Center Banquet area for those who want to eat inside. We will also be adding outdoor seating in the lower plaza of the Student Center and on the Thrift Library plaza. 
  • Books and Beans has added, Zoca, a new retail meal exchange option, featuring burrito bowls and nachos.
  • The Dining Commons will have a dedicated “to go” line where you can quickly make a box for carryout without having to wait in the main line.

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