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International Graduate Admission

Graduate Programs for I-20 Issuance

Anderson University offers a broad range of graduate programs. Each graduate program has unique application guidelines and documents required. Please make sure that the program to which you are applying is currently eligible for I-20 issuance if if your goal is to enter the USA and attend classes in person at Anderson University. Programs that are completely online are not eligible for I-20 issuance. Hybrid programs that are have low residency or limited (in person) faculty contact hours are also not approved for I-20 issuance.

The graduate programs currently available for I-20 issuance are:

Each program has unique application and admission requirements. Please review each program before applying.


International Graduate Student Admission

  1. All applicants should create an online admissions portal account:
    1) Create a Portal Account
    2) When creating your account, be sure to indicate Primary Citizenship and Dual Citizenship (if applicable) when prompted.
  2. After the portal account has been created, you can select and complete the application form.
  3. The graduate application can be completed online at Application
  4. You can monitor the status of your application by logging into your portal account at Application Status 
  5. You should review your application and account as you add supplemental items to your application.
  6. For information and assistance with your application, you can send an e-mail to to


International Graduate Admissions Required Documents

  1.  Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee of $40.00 USD.
  2.  Passport Copy: A scan or photocopy of your passport. This can be uploaded into the application portal.
  3.  English Language Proficiency: Official documentation of English language proficiency (see acceptable forms of proof in the “English Language Proficiency” section below).
  4. Scholarships: There are no scholarships for these graduate programs. We also do not have any assistantships available. International students must show proper documents to show their ability to afford at least one year of academic study for the program to which they apply.
  5. Transcripts: Graduate applicants must submit official transcripts in their native language for all undergraduate coursework, along with certified, literal (exact) English translations for documents not originally issued in English. All official documents must be sent directly from the issuing institution, examining body, evaluation service or translation service to Anderson University. We cannot accept transcripts sent directly by the student. You must submit transcript(s) from each school attended. International students must has all transcripts evaluated by WES, SpanTran or NACES approved evaluation service.
  6. Evaluation of Academic Credentials: All graduate must submit college or university credentials from non-U.S. institutions to a foreign credential evaluation agency.
    1. For an evaluation service that offers expedited services, we recommend SpanTran to evaluate your academic credentials. It is an evaluation service with a custom portal for Anderson University international students to help you obtain a proper evaluation. This includes a discounted rate since you are applying to Anderson University. You can apply with their custom application by using this link SpanTran Evaluation Application.

      Once completed, SpanTran will send an official, electronic copy of your evaluation to Anderson University. (Transfer students are required to submit a course by course evaluation for proper credit evaluation and credit transfer review. Please note that each graduate program has unique transfer criteria. Some might not accept any transfer credits. Please see program information for specific application information.)

    2. We also accept any evaluation from a service listed with the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. The credential evaluation report must be sent directly from the evaluation service to Anderson University and include the cumulative GPA. Such agencies like WES, ECE, or any NACES approved evaluation are accepted.

      Evaluation  companies may send official transcripts and evaluations to or sent via mail to:
      Anderson University
      Attn: Data Entry
      316 Boulevard
      Anderson, SC 29621

      We cannot accept transcripts sent directly from the student or university. We require official evaluations of academic documentation.
      Please note that most graduate programs require the equivalent of a four-year undergraduate degree from the United States for admission, in addition to other requirements as per the program from which you are applying. If you have a three year (or less) bachelors degree from a foreign institution, and would like to see if it meets the four year US equivalent degree, it is recommended that you use WES as an evaluation service instead of SpanTran. You can access WES to apply directly.

  7. Bank statement will be required for I-20 issuance for at least one year of expenses. This amount is not due to Anderson University, but is required for I-20 issuance and will also be required to apply for your F1 visa to enter the USA.Please note: International students are not eligible for federal aid. There are no scholarships or graduate assistantships available. International applicants must show at least one year of expenses and the ability to afford one year of academic study at Anderson University.
  8. Testing – Some graduate programs require testing, recommendations, and additional materials. We cannot accept scans of tests scores. Test scores must come from the testing service directly to Anderson University. Please review criteria for each program before applying. For the MBA, MOL, MSBA, and MSCM programs, the GRE and GMAT are optional and not required for those programs.
  9. I-20 Issuance – If the program is online or hybrid with minimal in person hours of instruction, international students cannot be issued an I-20. Currently, the only graduate programs which are approved for I-20 issuance (for an F1 visa to enter the USA) are the MBA, MOL, MDIV, MCJ, MSBA, MSCM, MSCS, MAT, MSPBA, MSITM, and the EdD programs.

English Language Proficiency.

Anderson University requires English language proficiency. We do not have an English language program. Proof of English proficiency must be sent directly from the testing agency to Anderson University at

Please submit ONE of the following scores to prove English language proficiency:

  • A TOEFL score of at least 550 paper-based or 75 internet-based or above
  • A band score of 6 on IELTS or above
  • A Duolingo English Test score of 100 or above
  •  Successful completion of level 112 of the Intensive English for Academic Purposes Program from an ELS (English Language Center). Please note   that Anderson University must receive an official Academic Report and copy of the ELS Certificate directly from ELS.
  •  Agape level 5 (Agape is an English Language Center)
  •  Pearson’s PTE of 50 or above
  •  iTEP of 3.7 or above
  •  Graduation from a university where English was the language of instruction.

Bank Statement and I-20 Cost of Attendance

The I-20 figure is not the exact cost of attendance. You do not need to pay the estimated cost of tuition and fees up front. The I-20 figure is the estimated cost of attendance at Anderson University for one academic year. It includes additional costs that US Homeland Security requires in order for you understand how much it would cost to live in the USA for at least one year. If financial statements are not in your name, we will need an additional sponsor statement on file of the person or persons who will be your sponsor while you are studying. This form will be given to you once you apply and are accepted. Please review our 24/25 international I-20 cost of attendance for additional information below. This example is for the MSBA, MSITM, MSCM program only. For additional I-20 cost of attendance, please speak with an enrollment counselor at

MSBA/MSITM/MSCM Cost of 2024-2025 (Hybrid Program)

MBA/MOL Cost (Hybrid Program) 
Tuition and student fees for the 1st year including 12 credits: (2 semesters/6 credit each semester) – $7,440 
Books and supplies. – $1,200 
Total – $8,640* 
Room and board – $12,720 
Personal ($2,662) and travel ($2,894) – $5,556 
Mandatory health insurance – $1,734 
Total – $28,650** 
Additional Cost for International Students/I-20 Issuance Based Upon Cost of Attendance 
Summary of  MSBA/MSITM/MSCM (Hybrid Program) 
Tuition, fees, books, and supplies – $8,640*
Estimated room, board, personal, travel, and health insurance – $20,010**
Estimated total – $28,650***

* Estimate cost of tuition and fees
** Estimated cost of room, board, travel and health insurance
***Cost estimate is for one year of enrollment taking only six credits a semester or 12 credits a year. Estimated completion is two years. Most students take additional courses and graduate earlier during the summer.

All F-1 international students, graduate athletes, graduate assistants, or research assistants must enroll in the mandatory health insurance plan offered by Anderson University . Students will be billed $867 each semester with their tuition and fees. This charge is required and cannot be waived. Event if the student has already purchased a health plan or has insurance from their home government, we will not waive the international health insurance.

Each graduate program has unique application criteria. The above example is for the MBA, MSBA and MOL graduate program only.



I-20 Issuance – Expedited! International Student Immigration Advising:

We are excited to assist you with your international application! Once you are accepted, your I-20 will be issued to you within 2 to three days! (Acceptance, passport, bank statement, and sponsorship form must also be submitted before I-20 can be issued.) Anderson University’s Center for Global Engagement assists all accepted international students with applying for their F1 visa to enter the United States, orientation, as well as workshops on American culture, and immigration advising. To contact the Center for Global Engagement and an immigration advisor please email to or call 864-231-2141.

Housing – Anderson University does not have housing for graduate students. For programs with classes on our University Center for Greenville campus, there are a broad range of apartments available in the local area. Please note that for programs with classes in the University Center of Greenville (UCG) we do not have transportation from our main campus in Anderson, SC to the University Center of Greenville Campus which is about 45 minutes away.

Application Assistance for I-20 Approved Graduate Programs –
If you have any questions concerning the application requirements please contact undergraduate international admissions at or We look forward to assisting you with your international application.

Agent Partners or University Officials – Please contact the Center for Global Engagement at or Dr. Ann Margaret Themistocleous, Director for the Center of Global Engagement at

Code of Federal Regulations – Federal compliance notice – As per 8 CFR § 214.3 (j): This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.