College of Arts and Sciences

In every other college at AU, you specialize: be it business, nursing or another professional field. In the College of Arts and Sciences you study the root disciplines of specialized fields and gain an appreciation for how liberal arts fields—from literature to mathematics—characterize our world and grapple with moral questions.

Knowledge for your Journey

Students within and outside the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) take classes offered through CAS to satisfy the general education requirements for bachelor's degrees. Majors offered through CAS equip you with discipline-specific perspectives that prepare you for an array of occupations and graduate programs.

Why Liberal Arts?

In our modern era, technology, economic niches, and jobs continually emerge—and become obsolete. Millions of workers have lost jobs in recent recessions, but the way forward is to be intellectually nimble enough to adapt and thrive to changing needs. In many ways, a liberal arts education is your best strategy for inevitable change. Moreover, many innovations in business and technology grow out of multidisciplinary approaches to problems. If your company needs to create a new cleaning product, for example, your engineers and chemists may be well-served by someone who has studied psychology and can project how real people may actually employ—or neglect—products currently on the market.

From Biochemistry to Digital Media

In the College of Arts and Sciences, you'll hone skills in critical thinking, communication, logic and rhetoric that'll serve you well past your college years. After majoring in fields from biochemistry to digital media, our graduates go on to medical school, law school, grad programs in physical therapy and other fields, or start careers in business, industry and the public sector.

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