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Family enterprises are unique and critical to the economy of South Carolina. In fact, some of the businesses founded in South Carolina are among the oldest and most successful family businesses in the United States. But success, whether as a family, a business, or both, does not happen by accident. The Family Enterprise Institute of South Carolina is here to help family enterprises thrive.


Mission, Vision and Core Values



The mission of The Family Enterprise Institute of South Carolina is to provide education, networking, support resources and research to help family enterprises and those involved in or serving them maximize their overall health and sustainability. We foster learning, sharing and creative solutions regarding the many critical issues and problems faced by family enterprises.


The vision of The Family Enterprise Institute of South Carolina is a state where family enterprises are a healthy and sustainable contribution to a flourishing economy.

Core Values

As we carry out our mission to achieve our vision, the Family Enterprise Institute of South Carolina will abide by the following principles:

  1. Member Responsive. Members are our reason for existing and our most important stakeholders. Their active engagement and participation at all levels of the Institute, including leadership, is critical to carrying out our mission.
  2. Open Learning Environment. Learning is fostered by trust. The Institute is committed to delivering a confidential, non-competitive environment that allows members a secure arena in which to learn and grow as families and enterprise leaders.
  3. Healthy Family Connections. The Institute encourages and promotes healthy family processes, including open communication and focused thoughtful planning, with respect for individuality.
  4. Collaborative Community Partner. We are committed to supporting and being a strong contributor in the state-wide economic and community development.
  5. Mutual Beneficiality. We will utilize the Anderson University platform and partner affiliate connections to provide opportunities for all stakeholders including student academic experiences and faculty development. As ambassadors for each other we will leverage resources to benefit the South Carolina family enterprise community.