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About Us

Mission, Vision, Values

Everything we do is oriented around our mission, vision, and values. Our mission provides purpose, our vision reminds us of what could be, and our values serve as the foundation for our behavior.


Encourage and develop student interests through student body representation, club and organization support, and servant leadership.


Connect Anderson students to their campus and each other to foster unity, scholarship, and personal growth. Serve as representatives of the student body that help facilitate the development of organizations and build bridges between students and University Leadership.


  • Christ-Centered
  • Representation-Oriented
  • Actively Engaged
  • Development-Minded
  • Forward Leaning

Governing Documents

SGA’s governing documents ensure accountability and transparency in everything we do. Our governing documents are publicly available and can be read on AUnited.


SGA consists of an Executive and Legislative Branch that work together to serve the AU student body. The SGA Organizational Chart for a more in-depth breakdown.


The SGA Executive Branch is responsible for leading SGA, setting organizational goals, and facilitating communication between the organization and University administration. The SGA Executive Branch consists of 4 elected officials, 4 Directors who manage key SGA functions, and 6 Secretaries who represent key student groups on campus.

  • Jack Cummings – Student Body President
  • Ford Pierce – Student Body-Vice President
  • Leah Duncan – Student Body Executive Director of Operations
  • Camden Davis – Student Body Treasurer
  • Karsen Bryan – Club Relations Director
  • Lily Gregory – Design Director
  • Skylar Bruner – Elections Director
  • Katie Koon – Media Director
  • Adam Edwards – Secretary of Campus Ministries
  • Erica Harris – Secretary of Commuters
  • Cassie Wippel – Secretary of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Ada Dooley – Secretary of Fine Arts
  • Aubrey Hogshead – Secretary of First Year Experience
  • Tyler Farris – Secretary of Student-Athletes


The SGA Legislative Branch is responsible for serving as the direct representatives of the Anderson University student body on SGA. The SGA Legislative Branch consists of the Student Senate, made up of 32 Senators (eight from each undergraduate class), who approve new clubs, vote on funding requests and other legislation, and bring the concerns of their class to the entire organization.

  • Andrew Trick
  • Hudson Taylor
  • Sara Ricotta
  • Hannah Norris
  • Clancy Genatt
  • Isaiah Custodio
  • Ethan Strickland
  • Emily Patterson
  • Asher Moorhouse
  • Glen Mason
  • Gracy Jackson
  • Camden Hays
  • Hailey Franklin
  • Reade Ward
  • Bailey Vennie
  • Liam Simpson
  • Erin Makosiej
  • Jaden Magg
  • Grayson Inman
  • D’Andre Hicks
  • Lauren Baskin
  • Amelia Sprawls
  • AG Rafalski
  • Emily Priest
  • Abby Patterson
  • Keith Gabbert
  • Abella Edwards
  • Olivia Custodio