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Anderson University provides affordable and easy access to innovative, I-17 approved and STEM-focused programs designed specifically for international students.

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When dating, have you ever used a dating app, like  I was always skeptical of such sites until I began meeting people who had met their spouse from one of those sites.  Therefore, I guess I have to admit that such sites not only work, they work well.

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Have you ever thought about a matchmaker for your HR technology providers?  I don’t think I’ve ever heard any HR professional say that they have been truly 100% satisfied with the HRIS solution of which they had such high hopes.  Why?  The reasons are many, but possible reasons are as follows:

  1. The sales representative made many promises regarding the performance of the system that just were not accurate for the level of spend.
  2. The sales representative made many promises about the level of service the purchasing organization would receive, both during the implementation phase and thereafter.
  3. There were not enough resources provided by the system provider and/or enough from the organization purchasing the system.
  4. The budget as approved was not sufficient to implement or service what was really needed.

The list could go on and on, but the fact is that most organizations are less than satisfied with their new HRIS systems.  On this week’s podcast, we will discuss a matchmaker for technology that neither Kelly, nor I had ever considered, but which makes perfectly good sense.  A technology matchmaker, that has knowledge of all the most robust HRIS systems available, works with the client to determine their true needs, budget and resource capabilities, and then matches you with the right HRIS system for your organization, thereby dramatically improving the satisfaction of the client and the performance and service they receive.  The cost for this is about 1% of the costs of the average HRIS system.  If an organization enjoys more functionality and service than they would have otherwise, a 1% additional cost seems like a no brainer.

As always, Kelly and I appreciate you listening to Survive HR!