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According to a 2016 report by Everbridge, “69% of workplaces view an active shooter incident as a top threat, but 79% of organizations responded that they were not prepared for this level of threat.” On this week’s podcast, we are joined by our friends, Proactive Response Group to learn more about how to take a survivor’s attitude during the unfortunate act of a workplace violence incident. 

To listen to the full podcast, click below:

Some tips below:

1. Have a survivor’s attitude and get out of the situation if possible.   Chad Ayers from Proactive Response Group stated, “If you get out, you survive every time”

2. When that’s not possible, understand how to barricade your space and use strength in numbers {when available] to take down an assailant.

3. Know how to handle an injured employee [this helpful training helps both in the awful scenario of an active shooter or any other major injury]- from using a tourniquet, to packing a wound.  

As HR professionals we have all taken the courses on the topic of workplace violence.  THIS TRAINING IS DIFFERENT THAN ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER TAKEN BEFORE!!!  I would argue this was the most engaging 4 hours of my training experience, where I left empowered and not scared.   Anyone searching for this type of training should certainly reach out to Proactive Response Group to learn more about their sessions.  You can find them at

As always, thank you for listening to Survive HR!  Please feel free to reach out Steve Nail or myself if we can serve you in any way!

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Rosemary Ketchum from Pexels