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When Steve Nail and I began the SurviveHR podcast, we expected our episodes would cover Human Resources related topics.  However, this one is different- this one will cover just the Human side.

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Three years ago, my friend, Tarah O’Sullivan and her husband Eric gave birth to a seemingly healthy little boy, Drake.  He joined their family as their 4th child.   A few days into his life, Drake became incredibly ill and after a number of days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, his family was given his terminal diagnosis of NonKetotic Hyperglycinemia (NKH).  Drake as just a newborn was sent home to die.  There is no real funding for research and most children with this diagnosis don’t make it home from the hospital.  In 2019 Tarah and Eric welcomed their 5th child, Vivian, also affected by NKH.     

What is most fascinating about Tarah and Eric is that they took the worst possible circumstance X2 and have launched a foundation for research [The Drake Rayden Foundation], and Tarah recently reenrolled in college to obtain a degree in Microbiology from Clemson to help find a cure for her children. Tarah and Eric have worked tirelessly to bring attention to this disease as most don’t know it exits and there are only three children in SC who are impacted, two of which belong to Tarah and Eric.

So for those of us that don’t seem to be able to find the time to get things done, look no further than this family, fighting to save their babies!  I encourage everyone to visit the to learn more about how you can help in saving these two babies and all others impacted by this disease.

Steve and I thank you for listening to SurviveHR and hope you will help us in joining the fight to cure NKH.