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Anderson University recognizes the importance of technology in the area of academics. The University continually strives to advance the availability and use of technology in classrooms, as well as in the residence halls.

Technology in the Classroom

In addition to the iPads issued to AU students and faculty, all AU classrooms are multimedia classrooms. The rooms' multimedia equipment includes a computer, a video projector, Blu-Ray/DVD player, and audio. Some classrooms also include interactive Smart Boards and Promethean whiteboards.

Classroom computers are configured so that Apple IOS devices can be mirrored wirelessly onto the projection screens. Additional multimedia equipment is added to classrooms yearly. All university-issued PCs have Windows 10 Enterprise and the Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019 suite.

Macs also are available in classrooms and labs, depending on technology needs and the area of study. Specialized software is made available in certain locations based upon user needs: SPSS, Autocad product suite, VectorWorks, EnScape, xCode, ....

University Email

Every university employee and every student is assigned an email address. This email is available from wherever an internet connection can be established. All students, faculty, and staff are required to abide by AU's Internet Use & Email Policy.

The members of the Information Technology department provide technology assistance through email (,

IT Help Desk telephone (ext. 2457), and office walk-ins. One IT staff member is dedicated to faculty support, one to staff support, and one to student support, with shared assistance from all as needed.The IT offices are in the basement of Thrift down the long hall leading from Books and Beans.

Student Use Computers

Anderson University offers several computers across campus for students to use as they need. The Thrift Library (which opened January 2007) has 16 workstations(12 Windows and 4 Mac) and a scanner available for students during normal library hours. Six of the Windows computers and 2 of the Mac computers are exclusively for printing needs of the students and university employees. The other workstations are in areas where they can be used for larger projects or assignments.

There are several specialized computer labs on campus. The math lab and the CAD lab have several workstations each, with the latter being equipped with a 36" plotter/printer. The journalism lab and one graphics design lab are equipped with Macs. The graphics design labs share specialized printers.The programming / video production lab has 16 Mac computers. The WritingCenter has four workstations.

Food and Drinks are prohibited in all labs, at all times.

Don't save work to the local drives on any student use computer. When the computer is turned off, your work will be gone. Bring along a USB flash drive or use your Google Drive account to store files you are working on when using these computers. Make sure you get a fresh start by rebooting your computer. It will save you a lot of time and trouble!

Student Printing

Every student gets a print allowance of $20 every semester for usage on the university provided printers located in the Thrift library and the Student Center print area. Printing to these printers is charged at the rate of $.05 per B/W side and $.25 per color side. The only color printer available for students is located in the Thrift library.

If a student needs to print more than their allowance will cover, they can go to AU Central (located down the hall from the main entrance to the dining hall) and add money to their print balance. Money added to their print balance will be carried over from semester to semester and will only be used once their semester allotment is consumed.

If the printer runs out of ink, doesn't print correctly, or if you have computer problems, please contact the IT Help Desk at 231-2457 or at