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The mission of Anderson University Center for Career Development is to connect students with opportunities to explore career paths and develop marketable career readiness competencies that allow them to optimize their knowledge and skills toward the development of their God-given potential.
CCD accomplishes this through institutional collaboration to educate and encourage students in career professional development through engagement in self-assessments, workshops, presentations, career fairs, and networking events.

Anderson University Career Readiness Competencies

Through institutional collaboration, the Center for Career Development provides opportunities for students to develop seven Career Readiness Competencies through a distinctly Christian lens designed to equip students to fulfill their God-given potential.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Inquiry, Analysis and Creative Problem-Solving: Formulate vital questions and problems; gather, assess and interpret relevant information and come to well-reasoned conclusions. Think open-mindedly within alternative systems of thought and communicate effectively with others in creating solutions to complex problems.
  • Informational Literacy: Practice research skills that enable student to identify, locate, and compare multiple information resources as they seek and assess the validity of information in a rapidly evolving technological environment.
  • Technological and Digital Literacy: Work ethically and productively with digital technologies to collect, analyze, process, create and present information in a variety of digital tools.
  • Written and Oral Communication Skills: .Clearly and professionally communicate in a variety of written formats.
  • Professional Preparedness, Interpersonal and Digital Communication Skills: Prepare to present self in a variety of interpersonal and professional, public or formal situations and environments, including interview opportunities, workplace settings, and social media and other online/digital communication venues and platforms. Exhibit personal accountability and effective work habits.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork Dynamics: Serve in various types of contributing, facilitating, and leadership roles necessary for solving complex problems within a group dynamic.
  • Intercultural and Diversity Awareness and Understanding: Appreciate diverse cultures and possess cross-cultural communication skills for work in an expanding global economy .