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Violins of Hope: Remembering the Forgotten

May 5, 2022
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Anderson University will host a performance May 12 in the G. Ross Anderson Student Center Theater.

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In the darkest times, music breathes hope into our lives.

Collaborations in History

Anderson University is proud to announce its collaboration with Anderson County to welcome the South Carolina branch of Violins of Hope and Varna International for a performance of a lifetime. As part of their tour around South Carolina, this performance will feature Bularian folk music and inspiration music selections for violin to share their beautiful, forgotten stories through their craft. 

This history-filled event is complementary and is open to the public as part of the university’s collaboration with the county. We are thrilled to host these talented artists and are looking forward to sharing this musical experience with the community on May 12th at 7:30pm in the Student Center Theater. 

The Star of David

What would you do if you couldn’t pray? The Violins of Hope restore the answer of many Jews who suffered during the Holocaust. When they couldn’t pray, the violin prayed for them, letting their songs rise to the heavens. 

Violins of Hope is a foundation dedicated to restoring the violins that were played during the Holocaust. Inlaid in each violin is a Star of David in remembrance so the lives of those who played them will never be forgotten. These violins symbolize hope in the midst of despair. Read more about the violins and those who played them on the Violins of Hope South Carolina Website

Melancholy Beauty and Song of Life

For two decades after Bulgaria was a free country, the story of the rescue of 49,000 Jews was hidden. During that time, the Bulgarian Government allied itself with Nazi Germany and agreed to deport their Jews to the Polish concentration camps. The brave Bulgarian citizens defied this order and protected their Jewish neighbors. By the end, not a single Bulgarian Jew was sent to the camps. 

To honor these brave citizens, Violins of Hope and Varna International have collaborated to tell their story using the violins they have restored. English and Bulgarian singers join together with Hebrew phrases to create a night of haunted wonder.

Dum Spiro Spero

South Carolina’s motto, meaning “while I breathe, I hope.” A fitting phrase for the hosts of Varna International and Violins of Hope as they play in remembrance of the lives lost and saved during the events of the Holocaust. This Spring these two companies will combine to honor the Jewish violinists who lost their lives through song. 

Anderson University and Anderson County are proud to be one of their stops as they travel across South Carolina. On May 12th, they will be performing at Anderson University’s Student Center Theater. It will be a free event with a chance to meet the performers and companies that made it possible after the show. Feel free to approach them and ask as many questions as you would like. So, join us as we remember the stories that should never be forgotten. 

For more information, please visit the Violins of Hope South Carolina Website


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