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Supply Chain Experience Benefits BMW Associate

June 28, 2021
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One of the first graduates of the Anderson University College of Business' Supply Chain management program, Mason Child helps keep BMW's cars on the road.

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Mason Child grew up helping his father repair cars at his father’s automotive shop. 

Now he helps to build them.

A graduate of the Anderson University College of Business, Child is a logistics operation analyst in Body Shop Logistics at BMW Manufacturing’s Spartanburg plant. The plant employs more than 11,000 associates and produces BMW X3, X3 M, X5, X5M and X7 Sports Activity Vehicles; also X4, X4M, X6and X6M Sports Activity Coupes. More than 1,500 new vehicles roll off the plant’s assembly line daily.

“My main role is a returnable container manager. We have suppliers all across the U.S. and so we have parts delivered by trucks, air freight and sea freight,” Child said. “These suppliers ship us all these parts and it’s just like putting puzzle pieces together. I work more on the outbound side of our logistics operations. One of my main roles is to ensure that the suppliers have the correct containers to ship us parts back in. It’s critical for suppliers to have the correct containers to ship the parts in to ensure there are no delays, and to keep the production line running.” 

Child came to BMW through a co-op program, an extended internship, while he was a student at the Anderson University College of Business. He’s the first Anderson University student to land an internship at BMW. He was also among the first to graduate from the University’s supply chain management program. 

Child grew up in Anderson and his mother and sister were students. He wanted to study business and felt the Anderson University College of Business had a good program; plus he wanted to attend a college close to home. Looking back, he appreciates how the smaller class sizes fit his learning style. He also appreciates the College of Business’ faith-based approach where business topics are explored through a biblical lens, often tying various concepts to scripture.

When Child began studying business, he knew little about supply chain management, but the more he learned about it and realized the growing demand among area industries, the more interested he became, so he became a supply chain major. 

“Everything begins and ends with logistics; it’s the most critical part of any business,” Child said. 

His advice to others wanting to pursue a similar career path is to be flexible, take initiative, take a team attitude and be willing to get out of their comfort zone. 

Child still gets to work with his father, in a manner of speaking. A few years ago he became a BMW associate and he still finds time to continue running his repair shop as well. 

“It’s a cool thing,” Child said. “I never thought I’d work there, much less me and him both.”

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