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Spring Dance Recital: Education in Practice

March 15, 2022
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The South Carolina School of the Arts invites the public to its Spring Dance Recital to see the hearts of its students and their love for the Almighty God.

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Over the past few years, the dance department has grown exponentially. 
Having started with only three majors, there are now about a hundred people in the department, 36 of whom are in the concert. As the department, part of the South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University, continues to grow, the focus on learning is apparent.

Six of the 13 pieces are choreographed by the students. Professor of Dance Terrie Poore stated that the faculty members “really want to give the students the opportunity to be able to work on their choreography and have (it) presented in a formal setting, because that’s one of the great job opportunities that they can take after graduating.” One of the students, Karah Snyder, expressed excitement about her piece being chosen to be a part of the concert.

“The piece is called ‘I Will Yet Praise You,’” said Snyder. “It is loosely based on the stories and lives of Corrie ten Boom and Elisabeth Elliot. Corrie ten Boom was a Christian who hid Jews during the Holocaust and was eventually taken to a concentration camp. Elisabeth Elliot was a missionary who served with her husband in Ecuador. Her husband was murdered by the tribe they were going to try to evangelize. But she continued to stay as a missionary and actually went and lived with the tribe. A lot of them became Christians and there was a lot of beautiful restoration there. Both for her and Corrie, their commitment to loving the Lord and trusting Him in the middle of terrible hardship and their forgiveness for other people was really beautiful to me.”

Beyond the choreography, all the lighting designers, sound technicians, and backstage crew members are students. The students learned how to light a stage for a dance piece through a design class.

The Spring Dance Recital blends the hard work of students and faculty as they glorify God through their craft. 

Springing from Break
As these artist athletes finish Spring Break, they are about to enter tech week for their Spring Dance Recital. The dancers are thrilled to show off their work from classes and workshops on March 17 and 18 at 7:30 p.m. in Henderson Auditorium. 

This concert features 13 pieces, which pull from many different art forms. From classical ballet to modern to musical theater, there is a variety of styles for everyone to enjoy. One dance, “Connections Boogie,” is a blend of ballet and modern set to a jazz number. This funky piece was choreographed by Professor Poore and the ballet mistress, Katheryn Yon.

Beyond the faculty, the students had the opportunity to work with Zanza Steinburg, a guest artist from New York. In one weekend, Steinburg choreographed “Keeping the Faith” and taught the piece to students. 

Step on In
The performers and crew are striving for excellence by shaking off their nerves and passionately practicing for the upcoming concert. A diversity of styles. A collection of choreographers. This recital displays the hard work of each individual student.  

The recital will run for an hour and fifteen minutes with two short intermissions.

The South Carolina School of the Arts invites the public to its Spring Dance Recital to see the hearts of its students and their love for the Almighty God. 


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