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Journey Ahead Update: Who’s Ready to Get Back to Normal?

April 19, 2021
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The Anderson University COVID-19 Task Force is seeking input on the Journey Ahead to assess the feasibility of its intention to resume normal operations this fall.

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It probably seems as if those of us on the Anderson University COVID-19 Task Force have just one job: to establish arbitrary protocols and generally make life difficult for faculty, staff and students.

But here’s something you should know: We want to get back to normal just as much as you do. (Maybe even more so, if we’re being honest.) In fact, that’s the goal. It’s what we’re working toward. 

There are two points we want to get across today. The first is that it is the intention of the Task Force and the University’s senior leadership (from President Whitaker to the Anderson University Board of Trust) to return to normal operation this fall.That means we hope to repeal mask mandates and physical distancing guidelines while providing our campus community with a full slate of activities next year. We’re not there just yet, and many events over the next few months may impact our ability to do so. But we’re getting close. 

That brings us to the second point, and how you can help. Below you’ll find a link to a brief survey that asks three basic questions: 

  • Over the past year, have you tested positive for COVID-19? 
  • Have you received an available COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Do you plan on receiving a COVID-19 vaccine before the fall semester? 

This is valuable information. Why? Because the Task Force does not make its decisions arbitrarily. We don’t sit in meetings and throw darts at a decision board. Our protocols are backed by data and science. Knowing how close we are to herd immunity on our campus will provide clarity and comfort with our intention to resume normal operations next year. 

Of course, that’s not the only factor. Fostering authentic community, establishing normalcy and assuming acceptable risk are, in some ways, equally important. We realize how tough this past year has been on all of us. That factor is a major part of our deliberations. After all, data merely informs. It doesn’t decide on its own. 

So, will you help us out? Please take one minute—it probably won’t take that long—and complete this completely anonymous survey. The data will help us further assess the feasibility of normal operations this fall. 

After all, that’s our goal. It’s what we plan to do. We just need a little help getting there. 

(Here’s the link to the survey. We appreciate your willingness to fill it out.)

P.S. Just so we’re clear: Anderson University is not requiring students to be vaccinated. Whether you get vaccinated is your personal choice, and we respect your decision. Again, your responses are anonymous and confidential. 

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