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Journey Ahead Update: Stay Home When You’re Sick!

February 12, 2021
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The Journey Ahead: Don't try to explain away your symptoms! That runny nose might be more than allergies.

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It’s so easy to explain away symptoms. 

Runny nose? It’s just allergies. 

Headache? Not enough caffeine. 

Aches and pains? I overdid it at the gym. 

In normal times, we can all be forgiven for pushing through when we’re sick. Let’s face it: We’ve all done it at one time or another. But things are different these days. That’s why our behavior has to change. The stakes are simply too high. 

It’s so important to follow all of the Journey Ahead protocols. But the emergence of new, more easily transmissible strains of COVID-19–combined with pandemic fatigue and the dangers of falling into the “it won’t happen to me” trap–means we all should pay special attention to one of them in particular:

Stay home when you’re sick. 

OK, sure. It might just be allergies. Or not enough coffee. Or that extra set of burpees. But what if it isn’t? 

Don’t risk community spread by ignoring any symptoms of illness. If you wake up tomorrow morning and don’t feel 100 percent, don’t try to explain it away. Call Thrive Wellness Center at 864-622-6078 or, if you’re a student-athlete, call sports medicine at 864-231-2144. 


Infection rates are trending in the right direction. Let’s keep it that way.

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