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Journey Ahead Update: Important Changes to Protocols

August 21, 2020
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Anderson University is making important changes to its Journey Ahead protocols.

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Just a few days of the eagerly anticipated 2020-2021 year at Anderson University are under our belt. While we are fortunate that to this point we have been successful in our return, there are some necessary changes being made to our Journey Ahead protocols–along with a needed reinforcement of one of our existing policies. 

Since the suspension of in-person, on-campus operations in March, the Anderson University COVID-19 Task Force has been working diligently to reopen campus this year. Further, its ultimate goal is to complete the fall semester safely and on time. We know that is your expectation and hope as well. 

To do that, changes to current policy are sometimes necessary. Until further notice, the following protocols are being put in place:

  • The University is temporarily suspending large-group events. While unfortunate, hitting the pause button on large gatherings is necessary to limit the potential spread of disease. Please know this is not permanent. Our goal is to host community events as soon as possible. 
  • Masks or face coverings are required while in classrooms. These must cover both the wearer’s mouth and nose. Over the summer, many classrooms were rearranged to accommodate physical distancing with the hope that students could remove their mask during instruction periods if the instructor/professor allowed. Moving forward, all students and instructors/professors must wear a mask or face covering during class.  

Further, it has become necessary to reinforce the existing policy:

  • Whether indoors or outdoors, masks or face coverings must be worn if six feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained. You are also encouraged to wear your mask or face covering  even if you are physical distancing. This is the best way to keep everyone healthy and on campus. Masks or face coverings must be worn properly, covering both the wearer’s mouth and nose. Additionally, please remember that physical distancing is required even if masks or face coverings are worn. Close physical contact is the No. 1 way COVID-19 is spread, and keeping distance is the single most important thing you can do to prevent it.

Remember: the goal is to complete the semester healthy and safe. Failure to take seriously the Journey Ahead protocols puts the on-campus experience at risk. While inconvenient, restrictions to normal operations are necessary to keep Anderson University open to in-person student instruction. We promise that we will continue monitoring the situation weekly and make appropriate changes when we can. This is only temporary. We hope to return to more normal activities as soon as we can.

Thank you for your adherence to the Journey Ahead protocols. 


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