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Journey Ahead Update: Books and Beans Needs Your Help

February 1, 2021
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In the latest Journey Ahead update, we're outlining the ways we can improve protocol compliance at Books and Beans.

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We’ve been back on campus for almost two weeks now, and while compliance has been great in many places across campus, we’re noticing an issue with Journey Ahead protocol compliance that needs addressed. 

Specifically, we need your help at Books and Beans (just like most of us need our caffeine!) Here’s the issue: We’re letting our guard down. Coffee shops are casual environments, but we can’t be so casual that it risks our health, wellbeing and ability to remain open.   

Here’s a brief overview of the protocols established for Books and Beans:

  • Tables and chairs may not be moved for any reason. This is probably the biggest issue we’re facing. The arrangement of tables and chairs is not arbitrary; we’re trying to keep crowding to a minimum. 
  • The maximum seating capacity for Books and Beans is 24. Speaking of crowds, another way we can maintain physical distancing is by limiting the number of people at tables and in seats. Trying to avoid the seating capacity by standing around the tables does not meet the requirement and just puts all of you in danger. That’s why, moving forward, staff will actively enforce this 24-seat limit.
  • As with all University facilities, masks or face coverings must be worn inside Books and Beans. Only remove your mask or face covering while eating and drinking. Put it back on after you’ve taken a sip or a bite. And once you’ve finished your coffee or burrito bowl, cover up that nose and mouth.

Having said that, let’s talk for a moment about next steps. In other words, should issues with non-compliance continue, we’ll be forced to take corrective action. Here’s what that could look like:

  1. Communicate Books and Beans protocols, and strictly enforce them. This is where we are right now: making you aware of expectations, and appreciating your compliance. As part of this, we are placing reminder signage in Books and Beans for easy reference.
  2. Remove tables and chairs.The next step should compliance remain an issue? Essentially converting Books and Beans into takeout-only. 
  3. Temporarily close Books and Beans.This is the nuclear option. In other words, it’s what no one wants to see happen. So, in the unlikely event compliance doesn’t improve, we’ll reluctantly push the red button and shut things down for a bit. 

Look, we don’t want to be draconian. And we know this is an inconvenience. Everyone is ready to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. The best way we can do that is by taking the simple steps necessary to limit the spread of the virus. 

Remember: Protocols are not only for your health and wellbeing, but that of your classmates and the faculty and staff who care for you. So let’s show love to each other and commit to being stronger together in the Journey Ahead.

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