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Arts & Sciences, CIDL Launch Coding and App Development Certificate Program

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Anderson University this summer is expanding opportunities for those seeking to develop computer coding skills by offering a fully online certificate program for professionals in a variety of fields. 

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The Coding and App Development Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program, a joint effort between the AU College of Arts and Sciences and the Center for Innovation and Digital Learning (CIDL), is a 12 credit-hour program students interested in coding can complete in only one year. 

“Our Coding and App Development Certificate is aimed at helping students pair the soft skills they have built in their bachelor’s degree with the programming skills needed to succeed in a digital economy,”said Dr. Wayne Cox, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Anderson University.“This certificate emphasizes design, creativity, marketing and critical thinking, as well as practical coding skills. That what the College of Arts and Sciences excels at teaching, and that’s what is needed to succeed in a digital economy.”

The program builds on Anderson University’s Coding and App Development minor, which is offered to all students regardless of their major field of study. The minor program, developed in collaboration with Apple, was designed to help students build the fundamental skills needed to pursue high-paying careers in the growing app economy.

But coding skills are applicable across all disciplines. A recent study analyzing United States Bureau of Labor Statistics data showed that half of all computer programming or coding positions are outside of the technology industry. Jobs utilizing coding skills are applicable in industries ranging from finance and manufacturing to health care and graphic design.

The tech magazine “Fast Company,” citing the study, reported that “coding has become a core skill that bolsters a candidate’s chances of commanding a high salary… researchers found that jobs that require coding skills pay up to $22,000 per year more, on average.”

Responding to this trend is among the reasons Anderson University is seeking to meet the labor market’s needs and support its current and potential new students, said Dr. Josh Herron, dean of Online and Continuous Learning at Anderson University.

“The online certificate format is unique in that it is designed to complement existing degrees and professional experience,” Dr. Herron said. “Coding, especially for mobile applications as emphasized in this program, is becoming a new form of literacy that has all types of organizations seeking skilled experts. This credential’s value spans industries, equipping learners for current in-demand jobs and preparing for future ones – some of which may be created by those in this program.”

The four courses needed to complete the certificate program include two coding classes, a web-development class and one that teaches mobile interface design.

Long known for its commitment to innovation, Anderson University is a three-time Apple Distinguished School that created the Mobile Learning Initiative in 2011, becoming a national leader in the use of mobile devices and digital learning. The MLI provides all undergraduate students and faculty members with iPad Pros, which are used as a common technology platform.

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