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American College of Healthcare Professionals Names Anderson a Fellow

Dr. Selynto Anderson
Credential indicates a lifelong commitment to change and improvement in healthcare.

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Dr. Selynto Anderson finally reached a goal he has dreamed of for two years.

Dr. Anderson recently passed the Board of Governors Examination in Healthcare Management through the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). He is grateful to Anderson University College of Health Professions Dean Dr. Donald Peace, as well as now-retired Self Regional Healthcare President/CEO Jim Pfeiffer, Walter Bennett III and Taylor Lee for encouraging him and at times pushing him to stay the course during his rigorous journey to becoming a Fellow—a professional pinnacle for him in his healthcare career.

Dr. Anderson explained, “You demonstrate your competency in all areas of healthcare management and it also signifies your lifelong commitment to change and improvement. You’ve got to get a recommendation from someone who is also a fellow; Dr. Peace was one of those individuals for me and then also Jim Pfeiffer, who was my one of my CEOs at Self Regional Healthcare.”

After Dr. Anderson served 17 years at Self Regional Healthcare, most recently as their vice president of community health and health equity and chief diversity officer, an opportunity in Florida beckoned.

Dr. Anderson wasn’t actively seeking out a change, but through LinkedIn he received an inquiry about considering an opportunity at Lee Health in Fort Myers, one of Florida’s largest healthcare organizations, with 15,000 employees and multiple campuses, including a children’s hospital and a variety of specialty centers.

“There were some aspects of the job that I just found very interesting. You don’t know what’s on the other side of that door; sometimes you don’t necessarily take that peek; I ended up taking the peek and I actually came down to spend time in Fort Myers, view the healthcare system and met with a variety of different leaders,” Dr. Anderson recalls. “I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is where I felt God wanted me to be. I felt as though there was a lot of opportunity within the Fort Myers community in Lee County to focus on a lot of the health disparities, really focus on inclusivity. I had a couple of interviews and one thing kind of led to another, and so in September of 2022 I became the system’s first chief equity and inclusion officer and have hit the ground running ever since.”

Dr. Anderson, a South Carolina native, recalls that just after he moved to Fort Myers in September of 2022, Hurricane Ian, a category five hurricane, followed.

Ian devastated Fort Myers, Lee County and beyond with unprecedented destruction and loss of life; however, Dr. Anderson recalls how Lee Health, facing significant damage to its own facilities and whose employees were also impacted, had taken proactive measures to protect its patients and stay operational while reaching out into the communities it serves.

“We were out in the communities putting Starlink devices on top of the community building so folks would have Internet access,” he said. “The response of the organization really resonated with me because, for me, coming into this space from a community approach, it was very important to me that we meet the needs of our community and I’m proud to say that during one of the most catastrophic times.”

Guiding diversity and inclusion efforts at Lee Health has been very rewarding, according to Dr. Anderson.

“It’s been a wonderful almost two years. I’ve got great support, a wonderful CEO here Dr. Larry Antonucci and team, and just wonderful people here as well,” Dr. Anderson said.

Dr. Anderson, who received his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and master’s in education at Anderson, is grateful for how his educational experiences shaped him personally, professionally and spiritually.

Anderson University College of Health Professions Dean Dr. Donald Peace (Ph.D. FACHE), applauded Dr. Anderson’s accomplishment.

“Dr. Anderson has certainly met these criteria that will assist him well the rest of his professional career. I am very proud of Selynto and even more pleased to call him a friend and welcome him as a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives,” Dr. Peace said. “Earning the FACHE credential signifies you’re a recognized leader among leaders in healthcare management. It sets you apart as someone with exceptional knowledge and dedication to the field. ACHE sets the standard for board certification in healthcare management. Being a Fellow demonstrates you’ve met rigorous requirements and achieved a high level of competency. To become a Fellow, you must be a current member of ACHE for at least one year to apply for the fellowship program. You must have a master’s degree or other post-baccalaureate degree. You must pass a comprehensive exam testing your knowledge of healthcare management, other requirements include both continuous service on healthcare related boards as well as community boards to demonstrate service to the communities we serve.”

Dr. Anderson commented, “I tell folks all of the time that Anderson really put in me a commitment to lifelong learning and taking that, not only from a scholastic perspective but also into a professional perspective as well. I am a Trojan through and through.”


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