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Marketing & Communication


Building the AU Brand and Identity

In every interaction with our community—locally, regionally and globally—identifying, defining and communicating our brand is the purpose of this site. We have provided style guides to cover all aspect of the Anderson University brand.

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Brand Guidelines


The logo is the visual manifestation of Anderson University and is the only approved logo. For this reason, the primary logo should be present on all materials and in all communications.

Anderson University Logos

AU 2024 horizontal print fullcolor 1 (2)

Horizontal Lockup

Full color or one color

For print use:

For digital use:

AU 2024 vertical print fullcolor 1

Vertical Lockup

Full color or one color

For print use:

For digital use:

logo with tag 1 (1)
Logo With Spirit Line

Horizontal and Vertical Lockup
Full color or one color

AU 2024 shield print

Full color or one color

AU 2024 coat of arms print fullcolor
Coat of Arms

No Latin Inscription
Full color or one color

AU Athletics Trojan Head Icon RGB HEX 01
Trojan Head

For athletic purposes only
Full color or one color

AU Athletics Trojans Mark with Icon with AU H RGB HEX 01
Horizontal Lockup

For athletic purposes only
Full color varieties or one color

AU Athletics Trojans Mark with Icon with AU V RGB HEX 01
Vertical Lockup

For athletic purposes only
Full color varieties or one color

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Do NOT use the old columns logo
AULogo misuse7
Do NOT use the old logotype
AULogo misuse1
Do NOT use the wordmark without the shield
AULogo misuse2
Do NOT change the typeface
AULogo misuse3
Do NOT use a drop shadow
AULogo misuse4
Do NOT outline
AULogo misuse5
Do NOT distort the logo in any way
AULogo misuse8 (1)
Do NOT add fill behind the oak leaf on the one color logo
Anderson University Admission Mailer
One AU Marketing Folders & Inserts
AU T-shirt design
Meeting Agendas
Future Trojan Event Branding
Trojan Head Fast Facts

Communication Guidelines

The brand story comes to life through consistent tone and voice. To amplify our message to multiple audiences, mediums, and channels, content producers must be aligned with consistent guidelines in order to generate engaging, accurate communication.

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Annual Campus Marketing Shoot
Freshman Move In
Student Spotlight Series
Student Events
Event Branding
Social Media Design Icon

Social Media Account Guidelines

The goal of Anderson University social media is to collaboratively and creatively tell the story of Anderson University. Our objective is to cultivate community among current students, inform prospective students, and honestly represent what life at Anderson looks like on a daily basis. We aim to engage alumni, inform parents, delight students, and invite and inspire others to become a part of our journey.

#TrueToAU #LongLiveAnderson #TrojanArmy

Naming Structure & Biography Standards

The Office of Marketing & Communication has an established design and naming system for the University’s social media profile images. These are required for use when adopting University-approved social platforms. Here are some guidelines for establishing university-affiliated accounts:

All colleges, schools, centers, offices, and departments representing Anderson University should have consistency in naming across multiple social media channels. All accounts should mention Anderson University before the name of their area, and the handle should follow these guidelines.

Exception: The South Carolina School of the Arts at Anderson University

*Please note that Anderson University should not be listed as possessive. Example: Anderson University’s College of Arts and Sciences is incorrect.

Your “About Us” or biography section should outline who you are, the purpose of the social page and link to your website on in 150 characters or less.

Example of acceptable department social media profile:

MKT 23 24 Social Icons LinkedIn Gold CAS 1

The official account for the Anderson University College of Engineering.

Design. Build. Sustain.

Profile Image

Your account(s) profile picture/social avatar should represent the university and be provided by the Office of Marketing and Communication. Individual units are NOT APPROVED to use the AU shield or Trojan Head by itself on any background or in any other format for the purpose of a social media or digital avatar.

The Trojan Head alone on a black background is reserved for the main Athletic Department (@AUTrojans).

Because athletic accounts utilize lockups on black backgrounds, academic units and other non-athletic departments/offices should use a gold background when using their lockup.

The AU shield on a gold background is reserved for the University main account (@AndersonUnivSC).

If your area has been approved to have unique branding, your profile image should utilize the official AU gold to enhance brand recognition.

New Account Process

Online social media arguably has become the most effective, easily accessible method of communicating. Because of those factors, along with social media’s ability to reach audiences globally, channels bearing the Anderson University name are often an individual’s first impression of the entire University, and have the ability to establish and maintain relationships with alumni, faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders. That’s why social media provides exciting opportunities—but also poses significant risks to the University. 

An effective and successful social media campaign requires more than a good idea. Without careful planning, broad collaboration, consistent content delivery, and effective strategies, casually created Instagram channels (to cite the most common example) will not be successful. In fact, it could be harmful.

*Please note that submission of this form does not guarantee approval of your request. You will receive a copy of your responses after you submit this form.


This request form is intended to help facilitate planning and gaining authorization to create a new social media account.

Register an Existing Account

If you are already running a social media account that represents the University in an official way, please fill out the form below to register the account. This is required for all accounts that are representing any AU college, school, department, office, or program. This is not necessary for student-run accounts that represent clubs and/or organizations.

Registering your account will allow it to be added to our social media directory, which will give current and prospective students a convenient opportunity to find and follow your account(s).