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Podcast Hosts: Steve Nail and Kelly Scheib

Standout Quotes:

“Sometimes Kelly, you need to go back to the beginning, and remember why you went into HR” – [Steve]

“I think the most fascinating part of the profession quite frankly is your ability to influence people and lives” – [Kelly]

“No news is good news” – [Steve]

“When I’m successful, that means something hasn’t happened, that’s good policy but it’s lousy politics, the first year you’re applauded, the second year your budget’s cut, the third year your staff goes away” – [Kelly]

“I think that’s a good way to think about the profession Steve, it’s a rollercoaster ride and some of us are rollercoaster junkies” – [Kelly]

Key Takeaways:

  • One key benefit of HR is the variability in experiences that come with the job.
  • Kelly notes that nowadays with HR, it’s almost like the less you hear about what’s bad, the better a job that you’re doing, but you rarely hear what’s good.
  • Steve also describes the innovative and problem-solving aspect of HR.
  • Our hosts highlight a problem with the perspective towards HR, noting that the only way you get recognized is when something’s wrong, and your goal is to make sure nothing is wrong.
  • Kelly explains that the versatility and multitasking required in HR is an important factor in determining a good fit for it since it mostly involves managing people as a resource and people are complicated.
  • HR as a profession has been very dynamic over the years especially from the legal standpoint. Steve shares that since he started his profession, over 30 new laws have been made.

Episode Timeline:

[01:43] Why do we like HR?

[04:50] The innovative aspect of HR

[05:34] Challenges of working in HR

[09:26] Kelly’s rollercoaster description of HR

[13:25] Steve describes how dynamic HR has been over the years.

[15:54] Visit for attorneys from Haynsworth Sinkler & Boyd


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