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College of Health Professionals

Bachelor’s Degree Offerings

What will you learn?

With a heart for helping others and desire to put your God-given gift to work, you have the potential to make a lasting impact in the healthcare industry. The College of Health Professions is a place where cutting-edge science and biblical compassion come together to meet the healthcare needs of the 21st century. For bachelor’s degrees, you can study in The School of Allied Health, The School of Human Performance, or The School of Nursing.

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What is FLEX?

Anderson University’s Flexible Degree Program (FLEX) allows you to complete your degree at your own pace. No two journeys are alike and we understand. That’s why we’re on the cutting-edge of academic delivery and instruction–thus why we created FLEX degrees. These are programs based on what you learn versus how many weeks you take a class.

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Flexible. Innovative. Cost-effective.

Take courses in your major at your own pace in as few as five weeks.

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How FLEX Works

With a choice of two pathways of learning, you’ll work on projects with one-on-one faculty attention.

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Need Convincing?

If you finish your first two courses within a five-week span, you’ll be able to tak up to two additional courses at no cost.

The School of Allied Health

The human services field is extremely broad, but it all comes down to getting to help those who need it most – and doing so with compassion. The School of Allied Health at Anderson University can empower you to make a difference in a variety of “helping” professions.

An online-based structured to best fit the needs of any student. At AU, there’s an appreciation for those of you who balance your current careers with the desire to do something more for you and your family.

As a human services professional, you’ll become skilled at developing plans and introducing resources that help put lives on solid ground, regardless of the challenges – addiction, homelessness, unemployment, aging, incarceration, disability or family strife.

Over the next decade, demand for human services workers is expected to outpace other fields. Leadership roles in this field require at least a bachelor’s degree. As you add to your credentials and training, you’ll be better equipped to pursue the growing career opportunities in this field.

You’ll find that AU is unique in its ability to offer cutting-edge training delivered in a Christ-centered environment.

BHS human services behavioral health

BHS in Human Services - FLEX

The Post-Traditional Undergraduate Human Services program educates students through a Christian…

BHS human services behavioral health

BHS in Human Services: Behavioral Health - FLEX

The Post-Traditional Undergraduate Human Services: Behavioral Health concentration educates you on…

BHS gerontology

BHS in Human Services: Gerontology - FLEX

The Human Services: Gerontology concentration educates you on emotions, behavior, and…

BS healthcare management

BS in Health Care
Management - FLEX

The Post-Traditional Undergraduate Healthcare Management program gives you the educational foundation…

BSHS medical imaging

BSHS in Health Science: Medical Imaging

As a Health Science: Medical Imaging major, you’ll receive a well-rounded education
with an understanding…

BS medical imaging

BS in Health Science:
Medical Imaging

As a Health Science: Medical Imaging major, you’ll complete half of your training at AnMed, a hospital that…

The School of Human Performance

As a student in the School of Human Performance, you will earn a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and have the option to pursue one of three concentrations: athletic training, exercise specialist or pre-physical therapy.

Those in the pre-physical therapy and athletic training tracks are frequently headed to graduate school to pursue credentials in those fields. Exercise specialist is a concentration that can lead to careers from personal training and corporate wellness to cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

AU kinesiology grads are well-equipped to pursue careers in:
Four Dots  Corporate Wellness
Four Dots  Exercise Physiology
Four Dots  Nutrition
Four Dots  Health and Wellness


BS in Kinesiology

The Traditional Undergraduate Kinesiology will help you find a career exploring the science of…

Athletic Training

BS in Kinesiology:
Athletic Training

The Traditional Undergraduate Kinesiology: Athletic Training will help you find a career exploring…

Exercise Specialist

BS in Kinesiology:
Exercise Specialist

The Traditional Undergraduate Kinesiology: Exercise Specialist will help you find a career exploring…

Pre Physical Therapy

BS in Kinesiology:
Pre-Physical Therapy

The Traditional Undergraduate Kinesiology: Pre-Physical Therapy will help you find a career exploring…

The School of Nursing

Nurses meet people’s needs: from managing care in operating rooms to advocating for patient’s rights in Congress. In the twenty-first century, nurses are in high demand–and will continue to be–as we seek solutions to America’s healthcare needs.

Starting salaries for registered nurses (RNs) range from $55,000 to $60,000, depending on where you work. Having a Bachelor of Science in Nursing begins your nursing career, opens the door to leadership and management positions, and qualifies you for graduate-level training in nursing and healthcare.

At Anderson University’s School of Nursing, we have a Christ-centered ethos. With a faculty comprised only of working nurses, and our state-of-the-art facility, there’s no better place to become a nurse.

school of nursing traditional

BSN in Nursing - Traditional

The Traditional Undergraduate Nursing program trains you to become a nurse who can work in pediatric, surgical…

ABSN nursing

ABSN in Nursing - Accelerated

The Post-Traditional Accelerated Nursing program trains you to become a registered nurse (RN)…

rntobsn nursing flex

RN to BSN in Nursing - FLEX

The Post-Traditional Undergraduate FLEX Nursing (RN to BSN) program gives you, the working nurse…