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Jane Austen's England

Semester: Spring 2024

Course Information: Connections – 3 Credit Core Course

Course Code: CON 399 England

Lead Faculty: Dr. Karen V. Zagrodnik, Senior Lecturer of English

Travel Assistant: TBA

Course Title: Analyzing Austen: Exploring the Psychology of Jane Austen’s Novels and Writings

Course Description: Jane Austen is one of England’s foremost novelists, beloved worldwide, and her novels are considered masterpieces of English literature. Key to her enduring appeal is the psychological depth and interpersonal insight of her works and her portrayals of complex individuals, social customs, and a variety of (frequently dysfunctional) relationships. This depth makes Austen’s works an ideal mechanism to explore a variety of psychological and relational concepts. This course draws connections between disciplines: Austen’s juvenilia to explore identity development and social norms, Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion to examine platonic relationships, and Emma to study romantic relationships.

Travel Dates: Spring break 2024

Estimate: TBD

Housing/Accommodations: Local hotels and/or hostels. TBA

Contact: or for more information. 

Eligibility Requirements: Advisor approval, 2.5 GPA or over, and application in VIA.  

Scholarship Eligibility: This program is not eligible for the AU Abroad scholarship. Only students who enroll in AU Abroad courses are eligible to apply for the AU Abroad scholarship program.

Application and Registration Deadline: Students will register for the classes with their normal registration in the fall semester for the spring 2023 semester. Students will need to speak with their academic advisor before registration to evaluate what degree requirements for graduation this departmental course meets. (This is designed as a CON course.)

Payment: TBA. Payment details and payment arrangements forthcoming. All payments need to be paid to Anderson University via online or in person at Anderson Central. Students must indicate the semester of the class as well as the course code when making payments online or in person.