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Faculty-Led Programs

Each year Anderson University offers faculty led study abroad programs for students within certain majors. While some of these courses are for majors only, many are open to all students with approval from their advisor and the faculty leading the academic program. If your school or college doesn’t offer a departmental program this year, please note that we also offer AU Abroad courses which are international study courses used to meet the core requirement. AU Abroad differs from departmental programs because programs are approved by the Global Engagement Committee on campus to offer our students a broad range of interdisciplinary courses. Unless indicated, there are no institutional scholarships offered for departmental courses with international travel. The AU Abroad scholarship cannot be used for departmental courses.

locations rome italy

San Giuliano, Italy
(Partnered with Baylor University)

locations seville spain new 1

Seville, Spain
(Partnered with Trinity Christian College)

locations florence italy 0

Florence, Italy

orvieto italy

Orvieto, Italy
(Partenered with Gordon College)