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International Travel from AU and Re-entry

International students in F-1 status are required to complete a travel authorization request before travel commences. This allows the Center for Global Engagement to review your status and check essential documents so that you do not have problems with re-entry to America and AU. 

In order to travel and return to the US, we recommend maintaining your passport so that it is at least 6 months current; you have a valid F-1 visa; and your I-20 must form has not expired and has the correct information on it; that you have maintained legal F-1 status by enrolling full time, and have continually made satisfactory academic progress. 

In addition, you also must obtain a signature by the Center for Global Engagement’s PDSO or DSO for approval. This signature informs Immigration and Customs Enforcement that your file has been reviewed and your legal status has been evaluated by the Center for Global Engagement. 

In addition, remember that if you are traveling to a country other than your home country for any reason, you might need an additional visa to enter that country. We can help make your travel home, or to another country a simple one. Visit the Center for Global Engagement any time or email your questions to us at We are here to assist you with trained immigration and international advisement. 

Re-entry Issues


If you have any travel questions or concerns you should visit the Center for Global Engagement before you depart the country. (We are located next to the bookstore.) You can also email the Director, Dr. Ann-Margaret J. Themistocleous, Ph.D., PDSO, at or call at 864-231-2185. All F-1 international students are required to complete a travel authorization form before departure and have their I-20 signed and immigration documents reviewed to assist them have a smooth re-entry process.  

Issues or Concerns at Port of Entry to the United States

If you are an F-1 student who are trying to enter the US and are detained, please remain calm and understand that US Homeland Security oversees legal entry into the US. They want to help ensure that you enter the US in legal F-1 status.

Meeting with the Center for Global Engagement before international travel can help prevent re-entry issues since we check all your travel documents, as well as your legal F-1 status. You can reach the Director of the Center for Global Engagement via email at to assist you with any questions or concerns that you have regarding international travel.

If the inspector detains you, and if it is not a serious issue, they might be able to allow you to enter the US with an I-515 form. Or, they can contact Anderson University directly. At that time the Campus Safety 864-231-2060 will contact Dr. Ann-Margaret J. Themistocleous, Director the Center for Global Engagement who is the PDSO (Primary Designated School Official for Anderson University).  We are here to help and are ready to assist you with understanding the travel regulations and F-1 status regulations.