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Welcome to the Thrive Wellness Center!

At Thrive, you will find the health center and counseling services in one place. That means you can get treatment and prescriptions for most minor ailments at Thrive without leaving the campus. In addition, as we move forward, Thrive will become the springboard for a host of wellness programs designed to be fun, exciting and focused on making you healthy and happy.


Health Form Policy

Purpose: To provide appropriate health care to students. The health center requires a completed health form on file. This requirement is based on American College Health Association, the CDC & SC DHEC recommendations.


  • All traditional students, residential or commuter must submit a Health Form, which will include proof of immunizations as outlined on form.
  • If a student has opted not to receive vaccines, they must submit an AU Immunization Waiver Form. (Attachment 1)
    • Students who pose a public health threat (unvaccinated or lack documentation of immunity) may be asked to take an immediate withdrawal from the university (courses, residence hall, and participation in any university-related function) if a threat of communicable illness related to these immunizations is identified by the Medical Director or the Director of Health Services
    • Anderson University is not liable for any personal loss (financial, academic credit, etc.) incurred due to the absence sustained during this time of withdrawal.
  • Completed Health Forms should be turned in by the date designated by Health Center.
  • The health forms will be checked when received. If the form is incomplete, the student will be notified via phone or email.
  • A hold will be placed on student accounts if Health Forms are incomplete. The hold will remain in place until the form is completed.
  • If a student leaves AU and returns the health form must be updated or resubmitted.
  • Health forms will be maintained according to the Medical Records Retention & Destruction Policy.

Medical Excuse Policy

Purpose: It is the intent of this policy to help the Health Center direct its limited resources to fulfilling its mission of providing quality health care rather than attempting to legitimize a student’s decision whether or not they are well enough to attend class.


Medical excuses and/or documentation are given based on the decision of the health care professional and the diagnosis of the patient.

  • Short term, self-limiting illnesses or injuries: No documentation given
  • Short term, highly contagious illnesses: patient will be assisted with documentation
  • Long-term illness/injury requiring a patient to remain out of class for 5 or more days: patient will be assisted with documentation & referred to Center for Student Success.

Post-Surgery Stay in the Residence Hall

Purpose: To state Anderson University Policy on remaining in the Residence Halls after surgery. To ensure adequate care is provide to students post-operatively.


Any student who has surgery that requires general anesthesia or IV sedation will not be allowed to stay in the residence hall for the first 24 hours after surgery. Students must be in the care of a responsible adult.

Sharps Disposal in Residence Halls

Purpose: To provide for proper storage and disposal of sharps used by students in residence halls.


Anderson University Health Center will have sharps boxes available for students with a medical need for sharps disposal.

  • Students can obtain an approved sharps container from the Health Center.
  • Once the sharps container is filled it should be returned to the Health Center to exchange for a new one.
  • The Health Center will dispose of sharps per Anderson University Policy.

Test Fees

Purpose: Students pay a health fee each semester that covers visits & limited treatment in Health Services . Nominal fees will be charged for basic CLIA waived test if needed. The fee schedule can be found on the Thrive Wellness webpage.



  • Patients can pay with cash, check or card
  • Payment can be made at time of service
  • If unable to pay at time of service patients may make arrangements with the Office Manager.
  • If payment is not received by the date the Office Manager assigns, a hold will be placed on the student’s account.

Student Transportation Policy

Purpose: To follow the policy of Anderson University in regards to transporting students.


In accordance with Anderson University policy and the Medical Director instructions, the staff of the Anderson University Health Service Center will not provide transportation to students.


Thrive Wellness Center Hours

Monday – Friday - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Medical Providers are seen by appointment. Call (864) 622-6078 to schedule an appointment.