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Students and other interested parties who have complaints regarding institutional policies and practices, or who wish to request deviation or release from the requirements of University programs or policies, must submit written statements summarizing their concerns to the following offices:

  1. Enrollment Management and Marketing – matters pertaining to admissions, financial aid, and Registrar functions and policies. 

  2. Academic Affairs – matters relating to academic programs and policies. 

  3. Student Development – matters relating to student development programs and policies including residence life. 

  4. Administration – matters relating to food service, bookstore operations, physical facilities and grounds including buildings, programs and policies. 

  5. Financial Operations – matters relating to financial and business operations. 

  6. Information Technology – matters relating to information technology services, systems, and policies. 

  7. Athletics – matters relating to athletic programs and policies.

This policy requires the above offices to maintain records of complaints and how they are processed. Each office named above will maintain a "log" in each area recording names of complainants, date of complaints, the nature of complaints, and a supporting file reflecting actions taken in response to complaints. Each office must provide a simple written procedure statement which states the steps in the complaint process to each complainant.

The SC Commission for Higher Education responds to formal complaints against public, independent non-profit and proprietary institutions of higher education in South Carolina.

For Complaint Information, Procedures, Form and Authorization please click here.

Contact Information for the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education is below:

Academic Affairs and Licensing
1122 Lady Street, Suite 300, Columbia, SC 29201

Telephone (803) 737-2260; FAX (803) 737-2297; Website