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At Anderson, our goal is to help students enrich their college experience and their lives by providing a caring Christian environment and instilling Christian values through higher education.

For many young adults, no other time in life is as critical as the college years, a time when they make choices and decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. At Anderson University you'll find Christian faculty and staff, challenging spiritual programs, and strong Christian organizations—all of which come together to help Anderson students deepen their faith, share in Christ's love, and grow.

In the classroom, professors are intentional about the integration of faith and learning, meaning that while you learn about your discipline in a thorough and rigorous manner, you also learn how to incorporate your faith and beliefs as a practitioner of that discipline throughout your life. This comprehensive approach to learning is part of what makes a Christian higher education unique and valuable in today’s society.

Because Anderson University is a Christian institution sponsored by the South Carolina Baptist Convention, Christ-centered activities are an important facet of campus life. These activities are varied, and all students, regardless of denominational affiliation, can find a means of expressing their faith at Anderson.

  • Students at Anderson are given many opportunities to integrate faith with their college experience. For example, The Journey program is designed to bring our campus family together to worship with a special focus on the hearts and minds of students, and their relationship with God. Students are required to attend eight events in The Journey each semester.
  • A part of every student's core curriculum is the requirement to complete successfully two (2) religion courses - Introduction to the Bible and The Teachings of Jesus.
  • The goal of Anderson University Campus Ministries is to present the good news of Jesus Christ in words and actions that are meaningful and relevant to today's college student. Our desire is to connect college students to the person of Jesus Christ in a way that will help them make a lifelong commitment to listen to His call and follow in a personal relationship. Every student may participate in Anderson's Campus Ministries. With ministry opportunities available throughout each week, Anderson students find many ways to participate, worship, serve, and lead.

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