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AU Trojan

College of Arts and Sciences

To construct an outdoor instructional classroom in the Rocky River Nature Park. The classroom will serve as a gathering place for instruction, meetings, collaboration for research and a covered resting place for those enjoying the Conservancy.



College of Business

To help create The Center for Finance and Economics (CFE) to provide opportunities for students to expand their study and knowledge of economic and financial markets from a Biblical perspective to areas related to market analysis, investment analysis, capital flows, and sustainable business investment.  The vision of CFE is to provide specific opportunities for students to engage in research and develop real world experience by directly monitoring financial and economic markets and managing a portfolio of assets focused on sustainable investments from a Biblical perspective.

Programs under The Center for Finance and Economics (CFE):

  • Student-managed investment fund: Overseen by the CFE Board of Directors, the investment fund will allow students to monitor the performance and make recommendations regarding the fund’s investment choices.    
  • Market reports: The market reports will focus on analyzing economic and financial data, evaluating trends, and providing outlooks for the economy and financial markets in the future   
  • Research: Research will focus on financial and economic market assessment and performance, the importance and impact of faith foundations, and the evaluation and feasibility of programs in the public sector 
  • Business development program: This program will focus on two areas: providing resources to help missionaries establish businesses in foreign countries and providing resources to create a micro-finance development program to business loans using a group credit-lending approach



College of Christian Studies

To digitize 30 years of preaching conference presentations to make them accessible online for students, pastors and the general public.



College of Education

To help fund the Charles A. “Chuck” Wooten Teacher Education Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship provides financial assistance for undergraduate and graduate students of the College of Education who meet the criteria.



College of Health Professions

To provide scholarships for undergrad AU students who go into our Graduate Nursing Program or our Doctorate in Physical Therapy programs.



School of Interior Design

To purchase a Laser Projector, a 3D Printer and Exhibition Boards all to be used by the students to enhance their presentations for class projects, competitions and internship/job interviews.



School of Public Service and Administration

To establish and equip a SPSA Drone Certification Course that will give Anderson University students FAA certification, knowledge, and skills needed to apply the latest technology to incident planning and response scenarios. The total cost includes purchase and maintenance of drones (6-8), insurance, and storage/travel trailer for drone course instructors.



South Carolina School of the Arts: Department of Art + Design

To renovate, expand and equip a photography studio in the Chiquola facilities in downtown Anderson.

An overview of the Proposed Facility Upgrades:

  • Move Photography Darkroom from basement of RFAC to unused kitchen area in Chiquola.
  • Designated lighting studio / equipment storage (would support all Art + Design students).
  • Designated mounting/matting area in new photo area.
  • Designated digital classroom for 12 with printers.
  • Use old RFAC Photography studio for creation of two new faculty offices.

New Equipment Needed with Estimated Expenses:

  • Counters & storage  $2500.00
  • Construction of darkroom walls  $1600.00
  • Revolving darkroom door  $3000.00
  • 8’ stainless steel sink  $1000.00
  • Track lighting for pin-up wall  $500.00
  • 4 iMac computers for studio  $10,000.00
  • 4 Professional inkjet printers  $1600.00



Honors Program

To assist students in participating in the Honors Program Travel Course – Journey to Narnia, Middle Earth and Hogwarts: Shaping the Stories that Shape Us. During summer 2021, the Honors Program aims to offer a travel course to the United Kingdom to explore sites in London, Oxford, and Northumberland related to the culture-shaping fantasies of C. S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and J.K. Rowling. Students will explore the personal and philosophical relationships among these authors and their stories, relate them to the culture in which they were developed, and consider the echoes of Christian faith found within them. The goal of the course is for students to gain a greater appreciation for the interactions among faith, culture, and story, and how they may use story as a vehicle for exploring humanity’s deepest longings.



Ron Blue Center

To help establish the Ron Blue Center, an affiliation with the Ron Blue Institute, to deliver Christian financial and stewardship teaching, utilizing the Ron Blue system, to all AU undergraduate students. The Center aims to equip students, and university faculty and staff, as well as community participants to advance biblical financial education, enabling Christians to make financial decisions within a biblical framework.


Our A Day Team is available to assist you if you have questions about making a leadership gift to one of the projects; you can call (864) 622-6079 or email them at