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Theatre and Dance Audition Requirements

Theatre and Dance Audition Requirements

An audition is required for all students enrolling as a musical theatre (BFA), acting (BFA), or dance (BA) major in the South Carolina School of the Arts. If you are interested in auditioning for theatre (BA) or theatrical design (BA), then your audition is only viewed for scholarship. Upon submitting an Anderson University application, students are able to register for any available audition dates. All audition questions can be directed to

Upload the following items to your admission portal prior to arrival (excludes Dance): 

  • A letter of recommendation from a theatre director who is familiar with your work
  • A theatrical resume listing theatre experience
  • A current 8×10 headshot

Based on intended major, audition requirements are as follows:

BFA Musical Theatre

  • Prepare two 16 measure selections (one ballad and one up-tempo) from musical theatre repertoire. Please bring sheet music with appropriate cuts marked clearly. Our standard procedure is to provide an accompanist; however, students should also bring an MP3 recording of accompaniment just in case it becomes necessary.
  • Prepare a one-minute memorized monologue from a published play.
  • Prepare to participate in a dance call for class placement purposes. This will not impact your audition results. (Check your audition registration email from clothing requirements.)

BFA Acting

  • Prepare two contrasting one-minute memorized monologues, (EX: Classic/Modern, Comic/Tragic). Be prepared to take direction.
  • Prepare to be interviewed about your experience in theatre and your reasons for seeking a BFA in Acting.

BA Theatre

  • Prepare two contrasting one-minute memorized monologues, (EX: Classic/Modern, Comic/Tragic) or prepare a portfolio of past work. Be prepared to take direction.
  • Be aware that we will want to interview you about your experience in theatre and your need for a scholarship.

BA in Theatre (Theatrical Design Concentration)

  • Bring a design portfolio displaying any renderings or designs that show the development and breadth of your theatre skill.

BA in Dance

  • Bring a resume, current 8″x10″ headshot, and two letters of recommendation.
  • Prepare to begin the audition by participating in a 60-minute, advanced ballet class to showcase the progress of your training and technique. For ballet class, please wear pink tights, a black leotard, and pink ballet shoes (black ballet skirt is optional). Hair should be pulled back in a bun. Dancers will have an opportunity to change clothes prior to their interview and solo.
  • Prepare to be interviewed briefly by the Director of Dance and members of the Dance Faculty following the ballet class.
  • Prepare a solo that showcases your best style or a contrasting style to ballet. Solos should be 1-2 minutes in length. You are encouraged to explore modern, contemporary, pointe, worship dance, jazz, musical theatre, tap, or hip hop. Bring a downloaded audio track (cellphone preferred); a Bluetooth sound system will be provided.