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The AU Diary

There are distinct moments in my life that I look back on and can clearly see in them the hand of God. My journey to college holds many of these instances, one in particular: bringing me into the Honors Program at Anderson University. I can remember when I was in high school, expressing frustration to my mother that I wasn’t getting answers to some big questions I had.  She reassured me that the discussions I wanted to have would come with college, and with those words I realized exactly what I wanted out of my college experience. I craved opportunities to ask tough questions and exchange viewpoints with peers who were different from me and faculty who were both knowledgeable and experienced within their respective fields.  My parents and I knew the importance of pursuing these desires within a faith-based academic setting. However, I almost missed the deadline for the Honors Program application, and it was by God’s sovereignty that I was able to enter the program and see these dreams realized. 

The Anderson University Honors Program has encouraged me, challenged me, and ultimately helped me in my walk with Christ as well as my academic flourishing.

— Katie Landry

Junior Art Major

The Anderson University Honors Program not only provides students with the atmosphere for intellectual stimulation, it intentionally pushes its students to academic rigor while encouraging epistemic humility.  I have been challenged with considering my own presuppositions as I have come face-to-face with opposing viewpoints, whether in the course material or in classroom discussion. This program emphasizes the importance of knowing why I believe what I believe, and what difference it makes in my life.  I have quickly come to love my fellow Honors students, finding among them some of my greatest friends. Many times, we have stayed up late in the dorms, discussing what we have read and how our faith is being challenged and shaped. As we urge each other to pursue truth above all else, our relationships have grown in ways that will last a lifetime, revealing just how impactful this program truly is. 

These relationships carry over into my major, my minor, and my extra-curricular activities. Fellow students play alongside me in Anderson University’s String Ensemble, race alongside me on the Track and Field team, and create art alongside me in the fine art studios.  Our class discussions prompt personal reflection that affects my approach to all my studies. I have clearly seen myself grow academically and spiritually as a result of the rich experiences and connections within this program. This I can only attribute to the grace of God in his provision and direction.  

I am currently exploring grief as an apologetic for Christianity in my Honors capstone project. This project, coupled with feedback from (Associate Professor of Preaching and Apologetics) Dr. Charles Fuller, head of the Honors Program, has given me the opportunity and resources to creatively compose a defense for my faith, which has had immediate effects in my life.  The Anderson University Honors program has encouraged me, challenged me, and ultimately helped me in my walk with Christ as well as my academic flourishing. I have seen firsthand the genuine community of Anderson University and grown in many areas of my life as a result. I can only thank God for leading me here to a university that seeks to honor the Lord by academic excellence and a commitment to faith.

Katie Landry is a junior art major, concentrating in Painting & Drawing. Landry, a native of Ashland, Massachusetts, where she was homeschooled, also plays viola in the AU String Ensemble and Anderson Symphony Orchestra. In addition to participating in the Honors Program, Landry is a member of the AU Track and Field team.