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STEM Programs & I-17 Approved Programs

New STEM Masters Programs

Anderson University provides affordable and easy access to innovative, I-17 approved and STEM-focused programs designed specifically for international students.

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Anderson University STEM Majors

Biochemistry, Biology, Coding, Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity & Mathematics, Cybersecurity & Analytics, Environmental Science, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Mathematics/Secondary Education, Mathematics/Actuarial, Mathematics & Engineering, Neuroscience, or Nursing.

STEM Scholarships


The base Palmetto Fellows Scholarship provides $7,500 per year for years two through four, and the base LIFE Scholarship provides $5,000 per year. With the Scholarship Enhancement, students majoring in an eligible math or science program may receive up to an additional $2,500 starting with their second/sophomore year of college enrollment. You need to plan NOW to become eligible.

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For high school students that may have already applied to Anderson University, you may also be interested in industry STEM-focused scholarships. Please check out these resources below:

Rising Scientist Scholarship From the Child Mind Institute

Eligibility: Nominated Science-Minded Students From Groups That Have Faced Historical Barriers .

Deadline: July 5

Amount: $2000

Description: This scholarship aims to support young scientists from backgrounds that have faced historical barriers. A nomination process is required.

Latinas in STEM Scholarship

Eligibility: Female-Identifying Latina Students Pursuing a STEM Degree.

Deadline: March 31, 2022

Amount: $4500

Description: This scholarship aims to support first-generation Latinas who are interested in pursuing STEM careers.

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Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship

Eligibility:US Students Pursing a STEM Degree.

Deadline: April 1, 2022

Amount: $10,000 +

Description: This renewable scholarship aims to provide access to pathways through education and into the STEM workforce for all students.

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Steinmen Engineering Scholarship

Eligibility: US Students Enrolled in an Accredited Engineering Program.

Deadline: April 1, 2022

Amount: $5,000

Description: The Steinman Scholarship is awarded annually to undergraduates entering or continuing their junior year in a four-year ABET-accredited engineering programs.

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Great Minds in STEM Scholars Program

Eligibility: US Students Pursing a STEM Degree. Must be of Hispanic Descent and/or Have Demonstrated Leadership in a Underserved Community.

Deadline: April 30, 2022

Amount: Varies

Description: This program aims to increase to graduation rates among underrepresented and underserved STEM college students

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Pixel-Plex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarships

Eligibility: US Students Majoring STEM

Deadline: June 5

Amount: $2,000

Description: Pixel-Plex offers a number of bi-annual STEM scholarships to students studying in a wide range of different industries.

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Employment BOOST STEM Scholarships

Eligibility: US Students Majoring in Business or STEM

Deadline: Rolling

Amount: $1,000

Description: This quarterly scholarship awards those pursuing a degree in STEM.

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LabRoots STEM Scholarships

Eligibility: Varies

Deadline: Varies

Amount: Varies

Description: LabRoots has a number of scholarships available to STEM students, all with different deadlines and eligibility requirements. Click the link below to learn more.

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More STEM Scholarships

STEM Scholarships: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math scholarships comprise a sizeable percentage of today’s college and university scholarships. While the liberal arts may have been quite popular in the mid-twentieth century and actually continue to enjoy considerable interest, the STEM majors are becoming more and more popular.

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