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Workday Update: What in the World Does MTP Mean?

June 22, 2021
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Every organization has its own vocabulary.

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It never fails. 

You start a new job. Visit a different church congregation. Join a gym. Hang out with a different friend group … you get the picture. Doesn’t it always seem that those around you are speaking a different language? 

Anderson University’s new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, Workday, is no different. As you learn the system, you may run into terms and jargon that seem confusing at first.  

Which brings us to MTP. 

MTP means “Move to Production,” and is just a fancy way of saying “go live.” For Anderson University’s implementation of Workday, there are two “go live” dates, which we call MTP-1 and MTP-2. 

Why is that important? It’s important because we are rolling out Workday in two phases. The first phase, MTP-1, is the Workday system that most directly impacts you. Think timesheets and payroll processes. Vacation requests. Expense reports. (You know, the kind of administrative paperwork you dread having to do every month…and that Workday is going to streamline and make so much easier for us.) 

Circle this date on your calendar: September 21, 2021. 

That’s our target “go live” date for the employee phase of the Workday implementation. In other words, September 21, 2021 is MTP-1, the day we all start using Workday for HR and administrative functions.

As you read this, the Anderson University Workday team is busy conducting testing of the system. That testing started in April and is scheduled to go until mid-August, just in time for MTP-1 on September 21. 

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