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Workday Update: Training for Time Entry, Vacations, Payroll … and More

August 23, 2021
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Ready to ditch those monthly Excel spreadsheets?

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If so, here’s some good news: We’re about to find out how. 

With a month to go until Workday goes live (MTP-1), you are probably wondering what kind of training you’ll receive—and when. 

As to the first point, the Workday @ AU team is finalizing the details of what training will look like specifically, how you’ll access those materials, and what outcomes you can expect. 

Let’s focus first on the area in which folks are most interested: how Workday will change HR functions. We’re talking specifically about time entry (bye bye, bi-weekly and monthly absence reports!) You’ll soon learn how to document your hours, schedule vacations, record other forms of paid-time-off (PTO) and how your supervisor signs off on it all. 

For now, let’s make it as simple as possible by answering some basic questions about the general training for time entry through Workday.

Who? What? When? 

Who: All faculty and staff

What: Training on time entry, and how it is submitted for supervisor approval

When: September 7 – 17

: All supervisors/managers

What: Training on approving your team members’ time entry

When: September 7 – 17

Who: Student workers

What: Training on time entry, and how it is submitted for supervisor approval

When: September 14 – October 1


Reminders and Need-to-Knows

Hopefully you recall the Workday presentation during our all-faculty, all-staff opening meeting on August 10. If not, consider these bullet points as a quick refresher:

  • The “go live” date for Workday—in other words, when you’ll log onto the system and start using it for daily functions—is Friday, September 24. (We call that MTP-1, as you may remember.) The goal is for the first round of training to be completed by that date so we’re all ready to go. 
  • You’ll be notified of administrative tasks that need completed—again, think time entry, vacation requests, expense reports, etc.—through your individual Workday inbox/dashboard. That’s why you should consider your Workday dashboard and/or inbox just as important as your email. Getting into the habit of logging into Workday every day is critically important.   
  • There is a mobile app (for your phone or tablet), and you should download it as soon as it’s made available. This is the beauty of Workday: any functions you can do on your computer, you can also do within the app. Scan and upload receipts for expense reports, record your time, check your action items—it’s as simple with the Workday app as it is with your desktop computer. 
  • While MTP-1 is the current, urgent focus, remember that there is an MTP-2. That’s coming on February 28, 2022, which is the “go live” date (MTP-2) of Workday for student-centric processes: financial aid, course scheduling, etc. 

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