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Welcome to Workday!

May 20, 2021
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A complete digital transformation at Anderson University is about to begin.

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A complete digital transformation at Anderson University is about to begin. 

It’s called Workday, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform currently being implemented on campus. But don’t get hung up on acronyms and technical jargon. Instead, focus on what Workday is designed to do: make the daily lives of students, faculty and staff easier. 

You want examples? How about submitting timesheets, vacation requests and expense reports digitally? Being able to see your departmental budget in real time? Enrolling in health and life insurance benefits with one click? These are just a small sample of the many things that Workday can do. 

We’ll get into more specifics in the coming weeks. For now, let’s take a look at what’s next in the Workday rollout: 

  • We’re developing a landing page that will serve as a one-stop resource for information on the project. This is where you’ll go to find training materials, and it’s where you’ll go to log in to the Workday system. Don’t worry about the details yet. Just be aware that site is coming. We’ll let you know when it’s live and ready to go. 
  • Speaking of training, you’ll have ample opportunity to learn how to use Workday before the system goes live. A project of this scope requires thoughtful planning, and that includes not expecting everyone to figure it out on their own. So don’t worry; you won’t have to. 

Stay tuned, AU family. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Workday and what it means to you and our students in the weeks ahead.

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