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Save the Brand: Competition Reflects Real-World Skills

Marketing seniors in the Anderson University College of Business gave presentations November 29, which were judged by area business leaders, during the annual Save the Brand Competition.

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Already in this decade we’ve seen significant changes in how major brands do business. The survival of a business is dependent on the age-old idea of adapting to change.

Marketing seniors in the Anderson University College of Business took on major brands as teams in the annual Save the Brand competition, competing for cash prizes. They worked in teams to creatively resurrect a major chain store brand, each with unique ideas incorporating aspects from all of their training from the last four years in the College of Business.

“Special thanks to our five judges Mary Ellen Grom,Laura Williams, Alexander Vitou, Brian Whitaker, and Jen Hubbell for donating $1,200 of total prize money and for investing their expertise into the lives of future business leaders,” said Anderson University Marketing Professor Scott Whitaker. “It got competitive, and we had lots of fun. Congrats to all my students for doing an amazing job with your presentations.”

“We’re incredibly proud of the innovative thinking and hard work our students demonstrated in the Save the Brand competition,” said Cade Tessman, Anderson University College of Business corporate event coordinator. “This event not only reflects the real-world skills our students are developing, but also the strong community support from our experienced judges and alumni. Watching our students apply their learning in such dynamic ways reinforces our commitment to providing a top-tier business education. A big thank you to the judges and everyone involved in making this event a success.”

The Save the Brand competition took place November 29, 2023 at Anderson University.

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